Goat's Milk for Milk Intolerant Persons

Goat’s milk or cow’s milk?  A friend of mine will definitely choose goat’s milk. Why? She is suffering from diarrhea or loose bowel movement every time she drink milk from cow. The problem never happens if she is consuming goat’s milk. how to pour milk in glass

She is selling goat cream cheese. Goat’s milk has less cholesterol and never causes diarrhea are her marketing proposition.

Goats are clean animals. Rarely gets dirty even if they never take bath. Never feed on dirty grass and on grassland where other animals just fed. They want clean house and will never lay down on dirty floor and dirty ground. They also want clean drinking water. On the other hand, cows are not as clean as goat. They can afford to eat dirty grass and drink unclean water. They can lay down on dirty grounds with mud, water and their own dung.

When raising the two animals for milk production, an extra effort cleaning cow is needed to remove any adhering dirt and microbes especially on udder. Lesser effort might be needed in cleaning goat. Insufficient cleaning might result to various diseases such as loose bowel movement.

There are persons born intolerant to cow’s milk. Allergy symptoms are recurrent ear infection, asthma, and eczema. Like cow’s milk, goat’s milk is power packed with essential nutrients but its greatest benefit is people who are intolerant to cow’s milk are able to tolerate goat’s. The reasons behind are not yet clear but initial research findings may help us understand:

1) Proteins that cause allergic reactions might be present in cow’s milk in large quantities. Goat’s milk might contain less.

2) Anti-inflammatory compounds might be present in goat’s milk. This prevents the trigger of allergic reactions.

3) Goat’s milk enhances absorption of copper and iron.

4) Oligosaccharides make goat’s milk easier to digest.

Goat’s milk is not recommended for infants. It lacks some nutrients that are needed by growing babies.

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