How I Forgot To Eat Breakfast

Monday morning, I was supposed to be in office and doing some brain breaking work. Instead, I went to Dasmariñas, Cavite to fatten my bank account a little.

FYI. Our very exciting work project is in middle of controversy. I never know what will be the outcome of their negotiation. In case the situation becomes worse, the little amount I deposited will be used to finance my very own planned project. I still want to work with them but what if they do not want to work with me? I need to do something good for myself.

About 10 am while still in jeepney going to the said town, I felt dizzy. I thought it was due to rough ride. Yes! I usually feel dizzy while on commute but not when I am the one who is driving.  Then my stomach felt a slight pain after a while. I realized that I forgot to ate my breakfast.

How did I forget my breakfast? I guessed job uncertainty was bothering me!

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