Drinking The Fruit Cocktail Syrup. Anyone?

Every time we are opening a fruit cocktail, pineapple chunks or pineapple slices in syrup, we are always getting the fruits but discarding the sweet liquid away. Mom and dad reason is straightforward. The liquid is sour and  not good for buko salad / fruit salad flavor. They want their sweet favorite really sweet.

The syrup, if diluted can be a good tasting drink. However, me often is often discarding it too for the following additional reasons:

It is not intended for drinking purposes. It is meant to keep the fruits it contain moist and retain its packing shape.

The syrup does not came from the fruit.  It’s a water from faucet, perhaps sanitized, added with sugar and preservatives. The combination which has the capacity to maintain fruit integrity.

Most of the time too sweet and not healthy to drink. The added preservatives contribute to its unhealthiness.

a syrup from fruit cocktail

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