The Sweet and Fruit Flavored Medicine and Nutrient Supplement for Kids

Mommy, I will not take that medicine. It taste bad. I will not take that even if you hit my hip hard!

The situation is also happening to us now. Every time we give vitamins or medicine to our toddler, he keeps his mouth shut and shaking his head left and right. Telling him  that it is a food will not work because he is well aware that it is a medicine or multivitamins. We take time playing and playing and give to him by chance. But he often spit it out in case of success. A real pain.

Based on my experiences, not all medicine taste bad but most of them do. The worse, some of them have a bitter taste, a surely rejected by kids.

I really hate fever when I was a kid. Mom will buy a paracetamol and give it to me. I was having a hard time taking it. It was so bitter. It lingers in my mouth for more than one hour.

Now, there are many medicine and nutrient supplement just made for kids. Giving them to your toddler wouldn’t be hard. They are sweet and fruity – added with fruit flavor such as orange, strawberry, mango and grapes.

orange flavored multivatamins

However, the trick is not always effective. This will only work if all the medicine and supplement given to children are all delectable. Cases in which the needed medicine is bitter cannot be avoided.

This was my observation on our one year old toddler: If all his medicine are deliciously sweet, he often grabs the medicine cartons and bottles even if its not yet time to take it. He is also grabbing the medicine dropper. He can’t wait. But  as soon as he tasted a bitter drug, his mood suddenly change. He never wants to take any syrup.

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