Please Help Me Identify This Chili Variety!

A chili shrub. Growing peacefully on side of abandoned and wrecked building. Perhaps the seed was there and grew there by accident, carried by animals or human. It would have come in group otherwise. I picked a rare ripe and gave it to my friend. I picked two greens and kept them for myself.

I am sure it is a chili pepper. The leaves look alike and the fruits look alike. The fruits are way bigger than siling labuyo but way smaller than bell pepper. Stouter and half as long as siling panigang.

The next image shows the approximate size.

two green chili on side of stainless steel rulerLooks like a green fake chili. Someone might have mistaken it for… I did investigation. Some said it was large chili with an extremely hot flavor. While other were saying it was just any ordinary siling panigang. A mild tasting variety.

A growing habit observation. Hot chili are pointing upward (siling labuyo) while the panigang and bell pepper varieties are drooping / pointing downward. These fruits are pointing downward at 45 degrees angle. What people around said were confusing and the growing habit further added to puzzle.

green short chiliHas a strong chili aroma. The two green fruits in my open cabinet were making meĀ  cough. However, the taste was telling the otherwise.


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  • Possibly a banana pepper?
    Here it’s served grilled as an accompaniment to Mexican dishes like burrito. Pinoys use it as substitute for siling pang-sigang as it is not very fiery.

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