Natural Dengue Mosquito Repellant – Another Use of Delectable Atis

GMA 7 reported, the following plants might be effective in repelling dengue causing mosquitoes. Department of Science and Technology is conducting studies about plants’ potency.

Atis /Sugar Apple

According to BPI, atis is a favorite fruit of the Filipinos. It is very refreshing and may be eaten raw or made into an excellent ice cream. According to Burkill the fermented fruit seems to be used in the West Indies to make a kind of cider.

Sanyal and Ghose reported, the leaves, the unripe fruit, and the seeds (which contain acrid principle) possess vermicidal and insecticidal properties. The crushed seeds, in a paste with water, are applied to the scalp to destroy lice. The same is used as an abortifacient if applied to the uteri in pregnant women. The bruised leaves, with salt, make a good cataplasm to induce suppuration. The fresh leaves crushed between the fingers and applied to the nostrils cut shorts fits and fainting. The ripe fruit, bruised and mixed with salt, is applied as a maturant to malignant tumors to hasten suppuration. The unripe fruit is astringent, and is given in diarrhea, dysentery and atonic dyspepsia.


Citronella oil is popular as a ‘natural’ insect repellent. Its potency have been proven by research. Research also indicates that citronella oil is an effective repellent for body louse and head louse as well as cats.

The dried or fresh leaves of the citronella plant are treated by steam distillation and yield yellow oil with a pleasant, fresh, lemony-green smell. The oil is then mix with other carrier oil. You should experiment to find the formula that works best for you. Apply the repellent to skin every 30 to 60 minutes.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency,citronella oil has little or no toxicity when used as a topical insect repellent, with no reports of adverse effects of concern over a 60 year period. However, Citronella may irritate skin and cause dermatitis in certain individuals. It should not be used on the skin of young children under 3 years old.

Madre de Cacao / Kakawate

madre de cacao

This plant is effective as rat killer and a natural insect repellant. Tree bark is cook with rice and use as a rat bait. The young leaves are pound and mix with water. Leaf mixture work best for farm animals but I don’t think you would try to apply it on your skin.

All the plant mentioned above may be scattered to areas you want to protect against mosquitoes. This method is not yet proven by studies but there will be no harm in trying. Experiment and tell me if its really working.

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  1. Can someone tell me about madre de cacao as insect repellent….becauze I really need it we will present on AUGUST.. Plz help

  2. Hi!
    I’m the living proof of this tree they called Madre Cacao.on time I had a really bad experience about in my life.I cannot even sleep for long.During the night I always woke -up and when it’s war.Oh! boy this is terrible.My mom told me take the medicine but it did’nt work,i tried different kinds of medicine and doctor prescribe me different kinds of medicine and even a Whack doctor I when to give me an advie.And I was thinking I have a very seriuos problem.I was so worried during those yrs.And finally one guy came in to our house.And said pick-up that trees leaves and the fresh leaves you need to boil it and drink.And the fresh other leaves you need to apply it over your skin around your body.And i follow his advice and it was very helpful thanks God this tree helps me and I’m the living proof Ladies and Genthelmen!!!!!!

  3. .. hAiiXxx?
    anUH bhA tOH ?,.
    .. tagAL qU nG mgresEArch hNd qu pRn mktA uNG hinAhanap qu!!
    yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  4. thats a very interesting one…Knowing the advantages in using this atis is quite unussual…I would like to say that this page is a helpful tool in completing my projec in health

          1. Can you teach me how to make it as investigatory project…I really need it our ip will be this coming August…plz tell all you know

    1. sa in ung palagay effective i2 o hindi? dahil para sa akin maganda i2ng gamitin dahil nakaka2long i2 sa atin kapag tayo ay nag ka sakit,,,.,,.,.,.,.(@_@)

    1. its possible because it is one of my research project that i will be conducting….it is also proven in other countries, actually they apply it from these days..=)

  5. last question, my friend, where can i find that citronella and what procedures (step by step process) do i need to follow in order to make an oil out of it, i know it is already available in the markets but i really want to make my own…

  6. ahmmm, can you give me a particular literary work or any books that prove that atis can be really used as a mosquito repellent because as what you have said, it is not so popular yet that’s why i’m having a hard time looking for available references especially books… your reply is greatly appreciated… thanks a lot… in advance…

  7. In our experience mosquito repellents based on natural ingredients & essential oils are very effective. These are safe on the body & environment friendly.There are many essential oils that could be used.

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