Camote Turon and Camote Chips

It is a common turon. There is nothing special. I just changed minor details like omitting sugar and replacing jackfruit slice with boiled camote.

Thanks to Dennis for sharing the idea.

I thought frying duration is not enough to soften the raw camote. I boiled it to softness first then discard the peels.

I prepared the saba banana the traditional way. Sliced it to quarters. Placed two parts on turon wrapper. Topped with equal part of sliced boiled camote. Wrapped it up just like normal turon. Then fried until golden brown.

The taste was really good right after frying. The crispy wrapper plus the camote banana combination.  After awhile, wrapper softened and somewhat made the experience dull.

I conclude. Eat while still hot.  Sugar is not must for making delicious turon or any other menu. Highlighting natural flavors is enough.

banana camote turon

I have several chips recipe around this site. I won’t be repeating it in this post.  I only wanted to know if I can fry camote slices to crispiness. Like what is happening to raw saba banana, cassava and potatoes.

I never did peeling to conserve my own energy. Kinda lazy.

I noticed the browning reaction was pretty quick. The slightly white to violet complexion turned brown after few seconds. Preservative treatment and re-drying maybe necessary. A mechanical slicer that directly drops slices to boiling oil is a better option. It nulls the need for chemical agents.

I succeeded with one try. Crispy and delicious camote chips.  Keeping the peels intact  had no negative effect on overall flavor, imo.

camote chips

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