Is This The Cucumber Puccini Variety?

She is currently conducting her PhD Dissertation. She asked me to make a simple poster. About 50 inches wide x 25 inches tall will do. The poster should contain the dissertation title, experimental area, thesis adviser and her very own name.

While formatting the poster, I thought it would be more lively with picture of cucumber puccini variety, the plant she is currently dealing with. I searched the web and found only two very low quality pictures. I declined using those. Both will result to ugly pixelated images when blown up.

I went back to her and asked for better image. There were no fruit images yet. The plant is currently on stage of fast vegetative growth. So I ended up using picture of unknown specie.

A day after I submitted the poster, sis gave me this little cucumber. She said it came from area where the dissertation is being conducted but wasn’t sure about its specific name.

Here are the pictures. Is this the cucumber puccini variety?

very little cucumber 1

little bitten cucumber

Asking here instead would be easier.


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