The Three-Years Old Dragon Fruit Syrup

The golden brown liquid inside the elegant bottle is dragon fruit syrup.

3-year old dragon fruit syrup

Hmmm.. Why did they process a dragon fruit syrup? Is dragon fruit rich in sugar? Is the sugar content appreciable? Is it economically feasible? I am sure it is not!

Well! This dragon fruit syrup was a result of wrong procedure. We extracted the dragon fruit clear juice, added with right sugar proportion. Cooked it until thick. We failed. We never succeeded in converting it to dragon fruit jelly. It was a trial anyway. It was good tasting so we decided to keep it in bottle as dragon fruit syrup.

We perfected the dragon fruit jelly recipe after several trials. That was with the help of expensive commercial pectin.

It seems it is still good after three years of storage under ambient conditions. No signs of discoloration and microbial growth. The smell is still as good as ever and the taste is very tempting.


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