Why Durian Smells Bad?

For more than 24 hours, the ripe durian has been sitting on white chair. The smell comes and go but I never find it disgusting. I think it is attractive. A minimal part of aroma has similarity to ripe jackfruit (concentrate and try to separate the undesirable smell away). It seems telling me to break it open and eat the delectable flesh.

ripe durian on chairMaybe the smell is a real turn off for others and I used to think it the same way. However, it is not anything near to rotten onion, spoiled meat and poo. The taste is a complete opposite of what most people think. Its taste is superb.

There are two popular paragraphs on the web that are trying to explain why durian smell so bad. Study results both came from the same group of scientists.

Li and colleagues identified 46 different aroma molecules, including fruity, skunky, honey, caramel, and roasted onion smells. Eight of the 13 most common molecules, identified at the lowest dilutions, were unknown in durian until now. The researchers write that they’d have to recreate the durian aroma without particular ingredients to determine the relative contributions of each aroma molecule without a doubt. via

In breaking down aroma extract, taken from Thai durians, with a mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph, the team, led by Jia-Ziao Li, pinpointed 50 discrete compounds in the fruit responsible for its uncommon aroma. Those compounds included eight that hadn’t been detected in durians before—and four compounds that had been completely unknown to science. via

If you find durian smell disagreeable, then I won’t argue. I recommend wearing a gas mask before taking the fruit. Enjoy it!


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