Do You Eat Durian fruit? Yes or No?

My very first information about durian fruit came from an old black and white comic. Kids were pinching their noses in attempt to block the disagreeable smell of a certain fruit, the durian. Their father opened it and asked them to take a bit. Surprised kids said loudly, “It smells bad but tastes so good”.

Odor is a part of overall flavor. What smells good probably tastes good. What smells bad probably tastes bad. People who cannot separate the smell as part of flavor may judge durian as bad tasting fruit. Bad even before tasting and worst after.

Yesterday. I was about to leave riding my owner-type-jeep, when I noticed the foul gas rushing in my nose. The foul smell was never fading. Maybe it was inside my car. I found out later that it was durian inside his bag. I thought it was a poo or something.

Another factor to consider is the appearance. The same principle applies. What looks good perhaps tastes good. In fine dining, the food design is as important as its taste. More effort is given to first than latter, more often.

Some see durian flesh as baby poo. They have rather week stomach. Their internal organs seem turning up-side-down upon sight. How can they eat such if it smells and looks like poo.

durian fruit flesh

My verdict. I eat durian. I admit. I looks like poo and smells bad, but it doesn’t matter. The taste is not bad as what its odour and appearance dictates but not as good as what other people say. It has a flavor I cannot understand and describe.

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