A Way to Remove Santol Superficial Skin, a.k.a peeling

There is a unique way of peeling ripe tomatoes. That is dipping in hot water for few seconds then removing the cracked and loosened skin along the cracked lines.

I never thought the same hot water technique is also applicable to santol fruit, with a slight modification.

“In the Philippines, santols are peeled┬áchemically by dipping in hot water for 2 minutes or more, then into a lye solution at 93.33┬║C for 3 to 5 minutes. Subsequent washing in cool water removes the outer skin”. wiki.

I could have use it in Santol Peel Candy Recipe. Trying is still an option but the santol season is nearing its end.

Clarification. The thick santol skin is technically called “rind”, the same with mangosteen. Peeling in this section refers to removing the superficial skin. By knife, peeling means slicing off part of the rind leaving the soft sweet inner.

two ripe bankok santol fruit



  • hi,there is another option making the skin easy to peel ;by adding 1or 1-1/2 tsp of salt in the boiling water,i always do this when im boiling potatos and eggs though i have never tried yet in santol cos theres no santol hear in my place it could be possible also.

    • that is a nice idea. thanks!

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