Fruit plus Milk Juice (Calamansi, Pineapple), Is it Possible ?

milk curds inside calamansi juice

The mix of milk and fruits, especially the acid fruits such as calamansi, pineapple, mango and guyabano, is possible only if: 1) a very diluted fruit juice will be used, and 2) artificial fruit flavor will be used.

If we combine natural juice with milk, the resulting mixture will undergo coagulation, the curding of milk due to acids.

As a demonstration, I prepared a dilution of evaporated milk in a 350-ml bottle. Then I squeezed two medium calamansi and mixed it with the milk preparation. After few minutes, the resulting milk curds are evident.

milk curds inside calamansi juice

The combination of milk and fruit juice for home immediate consumption is fine. But for commercial purposes, you must invent a technology that prevents the coagulation of milk with acids.



  • Hi. I am busy trying to get something innovative that could work as a mixture of milk with fruit. I have a target market in mind for such a product should it somehow be created. I need more of your advices regarding this production acccording to your previous reserches, experiences and reccomandations. I am also curious on how ARLA(oversees production company) has managed to create their mixtures whilst we havent done it here in RSA. Please respond upon receival of this email, Thank you!

    • Milk normally coagulates when added with fruit due to fruit’s acidity or low pH. Mixing the two can be done in four ways.

      1) use artificial milk flavor and artificial fruit flavor.
      2) use artificial milk with natural fruit.
      3) use natural milk with artificial fruit flavor.
      4) use both natural products but adjust the pH of fruit juice to neutrality before mixing attempt.

      hope this helps.

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