Please Help Me Identify This Giant Tomato!

I realized that my home grown tomatoes gave too sour fruits, too sour than those we usually buy from public market. Eating it raw was less enjoyable.

rare ripe cracked giant tomatoOh! Don’t get confused. The rare ripe and cracked tomato on table is completely different from what I am referring in previous paragraph. This tomato is bland tasting. It simply lacks astringency when green and too short of sourness when red ripe. It is too big for a regular tomato. The average size is a little bigger than a tennis ball. The shape is like a mixture of diamante variety and a squash type tomato. The closer match is persimmon. If it got an orange color then I would have thought it …. It is crunchier than any other tomatoes I have eaten.

giant green tomato on palmIt was not the first time a tomato this big landed on my palm. People around me are saying, it is the variety being used as fast food burger filling. What they are saying make sense. If you examine the burger, the tomato slice almost covers the width of patty. Plus, it has the same familiar bland taste.

The greenhouse of nearby university planted this tomato variety before. It became talk of the town due to its distinguishing big size. However, its popularity was short live. It is big, crunchy but the flavor is too far from people expectations.

As usual, I tried looking for its identity over the internet but failed. Please help me! If I remembered it correct, this variety came from Israel.

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  • Marvin, check out the website of Burpee. They are a big company specializing in seeds. Beefsteak tomato is classified as an heirloom tomato.

  • Marvin, It looks to me very much like a “beefsteak tomato”, but not yet ripe.

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