The Granada Fruit

I thought it was granada fruit. But because they said it was a variety of guava, I also got myself into believing it was indeed a guava. I couldn’t blame them and I couldn’t blame myself either. It really looked like a colorful guava variety with a relatively large crown.

orange yellow granada fruit

What I did next? I bit it like a real guava. My first and last attempt almost never succeeded. The rind was thin but fibrous, tough and very astringent. The seeds have resemblance to guava but with a clear gel coating. I dared tasting one and it also tasted astringent.

bitten granada fruit

opened granada fruit

Maybe it was really a granada. I searched for the term “granada fruit” and found pomegranate fruit as the closest match. Pomegranate or Punica granatum is a fruit popular in Granada province of Spain. A fruit with many herbal applications.

When I was still in elementary school, there was a similar fruit next to our neighbor. People around were calling it granada because it bursts when ripe.


One Comment

  • It looks like a pomegranate to me (granada in Tagalog), but a different variety, perhaps. The pomegranates grown/sold here have very red seeds, and pinkish to very red skins. The juice can be very sweet, and they’re much, much bigger, almost a pound each.

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