He is Selling Dried Guyabano Leaves

I know very well that guyabano is a popular and natural anti-cancer medicine. Many tried and cured by it, some were not. Folks far away from agricultural lands are searching ways to get it easily, thru local/online vendors or whoever they may find. Men with entrepreneurial skills are taking advantage by filling up the need and the least they do is spam comments here.

So I am asking myself, why I was surprised to see and knew a guy who is actually selling dried guyabano leaves in specialty shop. Few leaves packed in self-made paper bag out of coupon bond. Priced 200 pesos each. Too expensive for my sense but the shop owner told me its actually selling smoothly.

There really is a demand. Going to herbal medicine business is feasible. I know a instant ginger tea brand that became popular by mixing turmeric and promoting its health benefits. Another friend is maintaining a couple of tsaang gubat trees and selling its dried leaves.

Technical instinct comes in. I suggested. He can use a thick brown paper bag instead. It is easy to find, cheap and he never have to make it by hand. Make the label bigger and more attractive and include procedure of usage. He may also try crushing it to powder form and putting inside easy to take capsules.


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