Strawberries, Bearing Fruits in Hot Climate

I have always thought plants naturally adapted to cold climate areas could not be brought and grown successfully to hotter places. They can be grown but will not commence the reproductive stage. We have the cold climate coffee arabica plants in Benguet Province because it is indeed suitable there. It grows in hot lowlands areas but barely bears fruit.

That was what I thought, that was what my professors thought me, that was what I read. Perhaps most people who know plants well were thinking the same way too.

Until a tv newsflash changed our belief. Leonardo Libreja from Camarines Sur successfully raised a strawberry in his own town. It is growing and producing unexpectedly delicious fruits. Selling ready-to-fruit plants is now his steady income source.

Details were not enough that I needed to read more about it from and

The strawberry thriving and bearing fruits in hot climate is a Hawaiian variety that was acclimatized by himself for seven years. I wonder if there are shorter and easier way to do it. If there is, it sure entails a very costly GMO breeding procedures.

His hardwork and dedication is really admirable. He is one of the very few agriculture graduates that went back to farm after graduation, rather than searching for a regular day time job. Hoping there are more people like him.

He also have a thriving green apple and tangerine in his area.

I hope there are some sort of protection for his effort. Like a reward or patent that will give him a sure fire income for the next 20 years. Big capitalist can easily bought some stocks and propagate them to earn huge sum of money.

Yet another question. How many years it would take to successfully acclimatized an arabica coffee?


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