Ang Inarnibal na Saging

What do you expect if the fruit is not popular? It tend to get more rejection than acceptance. Rejection without even trying.

Many are snubbing it for the fear that it might be dangerous, a poison or something. It might not taste good and only result to waste of money.

The same thing is happening with this inarnibal banana. A weird looking fruit, looks like a mixture of saba and latundan. And, don’t be surprised to know that it tasted like indeed, a mixture of saba and latundan.

When you see it, please buy it! Give it a chance. Help the farmer who poured sweats in its production.


Do you know the common name of this banana? The scientific name and English name? Please tell me!

inarnibal banana ripe

peeled inarnibal banana



  • Could this be what is called the Manzano banana (Musa Apple Manzano Banana) . I personally like them better becasue they are sweeter and more flavorful.

    • I think it is close enough. Do you mean it is more flavorful than latundan variety? If so, then the banana in the picture is of different variety.

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