Lanzones Benefits, Nutritional Value and Toxicity

I used to hate eating lanzones / langsat. Latex keep on sticking on hand and mouth and the seeds taste very bitter. Now, I put a small amount of baby oil on my hands to counteract the stickiness of latex. Then I chew the flesh gently to prevent breaking of the bitter seeds.

I bet this fruit is not suitable for juice and jam processing. The bitter seeds are soft, even a slight pressure is enough to break it. My statement may not be true if someone can invent a technology for pulp extraction without seed breakage or a seedless variety is produced. The Longkong variety is reported to be almost seedless and and the peel has no latex. I hope they can make a real seedless variety like seedless watermelon.

lansones fruit

I cannot find any food use for lansones peel. According to report, it contain approximately six percent lansium acid, a toxic substance applied on arrow tip. Lasium acid can also be found in bark and can kill frogs by stopping heart beat. However, there are no reports about its affect to humans.

Analysis made in India stated that 100 grams edible portion contains the following nutritional information:

Moisture – 86.5 g
Protein – 0.8 g
Carbohydrates – 9.5 g
Fiber – 2.3 g
Calcium – 20.0 mg
Phosphorus – 30.0 mg
Carotene (Vitamin A) – 13.0 I.U.
Thiamine – 89 mcg
Riboflavin – 124 mcg
Ascorbic Acid – 1.0 mg
Phytin – 1.1 mg (dry weight)

Lansones has also the following medicinal uses:

  1. The dried peel is burned to produce an aromatic smells which drives away mosquitoes.
  2. The bark is astringent and that its decoction is used for treatment of dysentery.
  3. Bark powder is used to relieve scorpion sting.
  4. The mixture of powdered seeds and water are used for treatment of intestinal worms.
  5. Febrifuge – Any medicine that lowers body temperature to prevent or alleviate fever.
  6. The resin from bark was prescribed for flatulence (a state of excessive gas in the alimentary canal), for swellings and as an antispasmodic(a drug used to relieve or prevent spasms).
  7. The resin may be useful in the treatment of inflammation and colic (acute abdominal pain) of the gastro-intestinal tract.

9 Replies to “Lanzones Benefits, Nutritional Value and Toxicity”

  1. My body is very sensitive to foods. I sometime have bad reaction to certain foods. And the lanzones as sweet as they are. I’m sure the seeds are having a bad reaction to my skin. Not saying I eat the seeds intentionally, but it’s those small seeds that I don’t notice. when they break down in my stomach . That acidly compound I’m sure is released.
    My reaction didn’t start until I moved to la Union and started eating many lanzones daily. I’m not advocating against lanzones. I’m sure most people don’t have a problem. It just me I’m sure, being allergic to many plants.

  2. i love lanzones very much!! when i got pregnant, the first fruit i craved was lanzones eventhough it wasnt its season.. until now i use to eat lanzones and i love it that fairness i could eat 1/2 – 1 kl in one seating..
    cAn i ask.. too much eating of lanzones could it be harmful to health? thank u.

  3. ,,i love lanzones,,,and im proud to be camiguinon,….
    …our lanzones are sweet and contains the smallest seed…

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