Lemon Water. Do You Do?

lemon slices in water

Here she go again. She was up to something she cannot continue for long. Enticed by her officemates doings, he bought some lemon and infused slices in drinking water. She asked me if I like the thing. I, not knowing she already prepared.

She emphasized it detoxifies our body. Drank a glass and commented it smelled like tequilla. After a while she comaplained for not appreciating her work. By that time, I was busy pressing keyboard keys and felt full still. I took a glass about an hour after, right before going to bed. It was indeed tequilla smelling but the the taste was not more than plain water.

I did a little googling to know more about this lemon water. For others who have lime, they are making lime water instead.

It all boils down to core health benefits of juice itself. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It detoxifies the body and helps remove too much acidity. Although lemon and lime are acid by nature, the minerals residing in it are alkaline. Some beautifully listed ten benefits, which I never want to repeat. Perhaps you already read them before arriving here.


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