Leslie Thin & Crispy Banana Chips


She gave me this snack. I thought it was a junk food packed in a nice multiple layer laminated foil. But I was wrong because it was a banana chips. Honestly it was the first time I saw a banana chips with a good packaging. Most banana chips are packed in an ordinary polyethylene bag, vacuum type plastic bag (but not vacuum packed) and transparent juice pouch. Packing it in a round tube like the packaging of Pringles would be nicer.


The product name is Leslie Thin & Crispy Banana Chips. The label says “We picked the finest bananas from Mindanao and sliced them really thin, cooked them extra crispy and added the natural sweetness of honey to give you this unique award winning snack”.

Winner: 8th International Food Awards 1985 (Dusseldorf, Germany) and American Gold Star for Quality Award 1987 (San Antonio, Texas, USA)

This banana chips taste really good with just right sweetness. It is crispy and has a slight taste of honey (because it is honey dipped). It is not as thin as I thought, the label said that they sliced the banana really thin. The packaging is too big for the content of 160 grams and it is more expensive as compared to local version packed in low-cost packaging. Or maybe the price is just right because we are also paying for the cost of packaging.

The most economic raw material for fruit processing are rejects and this is the trend. Rejects includes small and with scratches or bruises but not spoiled or broken. The same end quality can be attained by using those materials. However, choosing the finest bananas is not a wrong idea, it just raises the production cost.

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Ingredients includes: fresh bananas, Vegetable Oil (may contain one or more of the following: Coconut oil, Palm oil) Cane Sugar, Honey and Artificial flavors.

I already saw a banana chips packaging stating banana flavor in its ingredient list. Adding banana flavor is a way or reinforcing its taste because the material for making banana chips are raw bananas, not ripe.

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