The Phil Mango Balls

My schedule keeps on coming busy and my time for unique food hunting is getting narrow. It is a good thing they are coming on my way. Here is the Philippine Brand Mango Balls. It is sure a dehydrated product but not as dry as the others. A map-like structure is noticeable on packaging which is a result of content sticking on to surface.

philippine brand mango ballsThe branding and labeling seem in line with other popular mango products. The likes of dried mango, mango strips and mango rolls. It is different in such a way that it is ground mango mixed with sugar and other substances to attain a gummy structure. Perhaps a pectin, carrageenan, carboxymethylcellulose or gum.

The content inside is indeed a gummy candy, brown in color instead of original bright yellow, and sugar crystallization is evident. Two proofs of long cooking time in attempt to removed water from the liquid mixture. It also makes me think, it has less mango that it really should.

philippine brand mango balls brown candyIt is product of the Philippines. Made by Profood International Corporation, Maguikay, Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines. Fax – 63-32-346777 & 38. Email –

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