Mangosteen Uses and Health Benefits

MANGOSTEEN (Garcinia mangostana Linn of the family Gutiiferae) is one of the most delicious and best flavored fruits in the world. It is one tropical fruit that is most ready accepted by the Western. It is a seasonal fruit that has a great export market. The editable portion of the mangosteen fruit is 1/3 of the whole fruit. The aril is about 25-30% of the fruit and contains 19.8% soluble solids, 4.3% reducing sugar, and 17.5% to total sugar. Analysis of the rind indicates that it is rich in pectin.

Uses and Health Benefits

Its composition taken from the 1990 edition of the Food Composition Table prepared by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute is as follows. The pulp, which is very light and soft and has an exquisite flavor, is best eaten fresh, preferably after chilling the fruit.


The pulp and seed, when boiled with sugar, make an excellent preserve or topping for ice cream or sherbet. The seeds have a delicious nutty flavor.

The leaves and bark, claimed to be medicinal, are used as astringent to cure aphtha or thrush. They are also used as a febrifuge or antipyretic while the pericarp is regarded as very effective in curing chronic intestinal catarrh.

The pericarp contains 7-15% tannin and it is used for dyeing. A decoction of the root may be taken to achieve regular menstruation. Leaf infusion is applied to wounds and a decoction of the pericarp may be administered to cure dysentery or simply used as lotion. Dried rind is used as an astringent. The seed
contains about 30% of valuable oil.

Mangosteen can cure diarrhea. Boil the required amount of seeds in two glasses of water for 15 minutes, or until only 1/2 of the liquid is left. Cool and strain. Divide the decoction into four plants. drink one part every 2 to 3 hours. Packed in sterilized bottles. The dosages are: a)adult 4 tsp, b) 7-12 yrs. old 2 tsp, c) 2-6 yrs. old 1 tsp, and d)children 7-12 years, use half of the adult dose.

information was provided by the Department of Agriculture.

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