Babagan, A Short Flashback!

I picked one babagan from the barely surviving langka tree. Once again, I feel nostalgic about the days we often climb a similar tree and get the young and small langka fruits called babagan.

The babagan is very much like the full grown jackfruit. Look closer and you’re going to notice the numerous spine. However, they are still too small and soft to cause hand strain. The green skin is covered with numerous yellow dust which are easily removed with hand’s touch or collision with other babagan.

young langka fruit babaganThe loose yellow dust is the sign of babagan’s readiness for harvest. Time for picking, slicing and dipping in chili hot vinegar. Its absence means the young fruit is either too young or over grown.

If a dip is not an option, it can be eaten as is. Biting and chewing it bit by bit brings the astringent taste which seems to make opening and closing the mouth harder.  It is like a glue sticking teeth, tongue and lips. The worse, trying to chew and swallow it fast are likely to make one cough.

small babagan leftoverThe tree where I got the babagan is barely surviving. The numerous tall trees on left side and the tall three-storey building on the right are blocking most of the sunlight.

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