Paratungon, Salacca ramosiana

I already mentioned the Paratungon on this blog twice. It was exhibited in MIMAROPA booth during the 26th BAR Anniversary exhibit.

paratungon fruit wine salacca ramosiana

Paratungon has the scientific name of Salacca ramosiana. I was thankful they included the scientific name on fruit information, else, I have no way of finding even a bit of info. Searching for the word “paratungon” gave me no relevant result.

The information available on the web are very limited; botanical classification, where it grows (Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia), it is a short plant belonging to palm family. The relative plant Salacca zalacca (Salak) seems have similar make-up but its not safe to assume they have the same properties.

Based from what I saw, the fruits come in bunches. About the size of regular ping pong ball with a pointed tip. The orange to dark orange skin is covered by snake-like scales.

Uses: Fruits are edible. It can be eaten in its natural state or processed into wine and by products e.i. jam, marmalade etc.

paratungon salacca ramosiana uses

The two wines behind the fruit, perhaps, are product of Western Philippines University, Aborlan, Palawan.

I need more information about this fruit. All inputs will be much appreciated.



  • In Malaysia this paratungon fruit is called buah salak ( salak means fruit). Its grown mostly in northern peninsular Malaysia. It has nice taste,sweet, whitish or a bit yellowish. Excess fruits are sold as pickles.

    • thank! Its nice

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