Where Are The Seeds of Pineapple?

Do pineapples have seed? Yes, but only few people are noticing them. Pineapple in cans always come seedless. Whole commercial pineapple rarely have seeds and if they do have, they are just too small and partially hidden to be seen. The fruit is almost always seedless.

I have never seen one for myself.

Pineapple has numerous eyes. Each eye represents a single fruit which may contain seed in a hollow structure. The hollow structures after scraping off the peel are further removed as they are not pleasing to taste buds.

peeling orange ripe pineapplePineapple is a multiple fruit, in which numerous flowers, each with an ovary, develop into small fruits that are fused together into a larger one.

orange ripe pineappleAre pineapple seeds unnecessary?

It is needed for breeding purposes but not for commercial production. Why grow pineapple from seeds when it can be propagated easily using suckers and crowns. In addition, the plant from seeds won’t be the same as mother plant (a rule of genetics).

Seeds may take three months to germinate and another 15 months to grow three inches tall. Imagine how long it will take to see its fruit.

Literature tells, pineapple flowers are pollinated by humming birds (which is not a local species). Introduction of humming birds in Hawaii is prohibited as it will facilitate in pineapple pollination. Seeds in pineapple are undesirable.


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