Santunis and Ponkan Peelings as Deodorizer

I got this wafer stick container from the glass shelf. Then I got the newly delivered  electronic components and arranged them neatly.

Electronic components sitting in in old PP plastic container had no problem. It was the container user who experienced a slight trouble. I was smelling a foul fishy odor every time I was opening the box.

The box used to be a fresh and refrigerated fish container. She was carrying it every market day and placing the fish she bought in. After cleaning the fish, it was usually put back to container and stored in refrigerator for several days. Perhaps she was not washing the plastic box well after use. Putrid smell sank deep down the plastic polymer.

Ahhh! A santunis peelings. I got some and kept them inside together with the electrical parts for a day. It worked well. The putrid smell was gone.

Now I see some ponkan peels. It smells better than santunis peels. I want the plastic box to smell better too. I get some and put it inside. I hope it really smell better and has no bad effect on my little gadgets. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

ponkan peel as deodorizer


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