Ang Unang Bunga | The Advanced Santunis Fruiting

Mom and Dad are occasionally bringing home santunis / dalandan. One, two three to five santunis, ten at most. It seems the time for another big harvest is coming. A very steep price at the season onset then sure going down until them and other farmers never want harvesting because of a very low pricing.

the one and only santunis

I read somewhere that santunis and dalandan are different things. I am not sure about it. I searched around the net and found no further information. Please enlighten me!

The law of supply and demand kicks in. Consumers wanted santunis very much but the supply volume is still low. As the season progress, the volume becomes larger and the people eating such feel they had enough. Too many supply but less people wanting to eat.

I thought the season is beginning. I asked mom and dad for more citrus fruits. I would like to share it with my co-workers and boss. I was a bit confused when they only gave me two kilograms and said, “There were only few big ripe fruits. The rest are small and for harvest by December to January”.

So the fruits they gave me were advanced fruits. It sure command high price if brought to market place. How I wish all trees in their farm are fruiting in advance. More fruits, higher cost and more income.


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