The Szincom Mandarin

The WillyBee Dalandan (Szincom Orange) Extract with Honey. How is this product related to green citrus fruits called santunis? I am not sure. Maybe they are the same, just relatives or completely different variety.

willy bee szincom mandarin orange extract honey

My taste buds suggest they are the same. This juice taste is quite similar to santunis. I did some research but very limited information about szincom orange showed up.

The greening disease of Szincom and Ladu mandarins at the Lipa Citrus Experiment Station in 1981. The fruit image provided was blur but I can tell that it is similar to trees tribing at my father’s farm. Another citrus variety called ladu was mentioned but image was not provided. (source

Szincom is a variety of crop called Mandarin. It could be called as Szincom Mandarine. (source: Rainfed Resources Development Project No. 492-0366 of DENR, September 30 1991,

It was metioned in Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) article – Jeepney loads of mandarins (szincom variety) from Quezon and Batangas were being unloaded today at Mega-Q-Mart, a major wholesale market for fruits. Deliveries of fruits from Mindanao are expected also to be shipped in today (Article entitled Trade Brisk at the Fruit Market, Period Covered – December 19 to 27, 2007,

No further information is available. Any contribution will be appreciated.

Here more information regarding the bottled product, in case you are interested:

It is manufactured by: Victoria Foods Company, Soliven Corner MRR Street, Manggahan, Pasig City, Philippines.

Ingredients are cane sugar, dalandan (szinkom orange) extract and honey.

It should be kept in cool dry place. In refrigerator after opening.

Absolutely no preservatives added.

To prepare: 1) shake well, 2) mix about two tablespoons to one cup water, 3) serve chilled or hot.

Makes about 4.0 L of prepared beverage.


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