The Tomato-Like Fruit | Guess What !

Can you guess what is the name of this fruit?

tomato-like fruit

He suddenly appeared next to me showing this ripe tomato. Hoopss! It was not tomato but I thought it really was. I have seen tomatoes bigger than this but my gut was telling this one was not. I placed it near my nose and I confirmed it was really not a tomato. I smelled the nice aroma which was making me wanna bite.

I asked him what it was but he replied it was a secret. The thing is not native in our country but happened to be his favorite.

Kinda sad! The one and only fruit is his favorite. Hoping I can find it somewhere soon!



  • That is most certainly a persimmon, the Japanese “FUYU variety. It is shaped like a round tomato, is very firm to touch and crunchy; can be eaten raw with skin or peeled, even if the color of the peel is still slightly green-yellowish. At its peak of ripeness, it can be a nice golden orange color like the photo. This is the most widely sold kind.
    Another popularly-sold variety is the Japanese “HACHIYA” which has a more pointy bottom and should not be eaten until it is very,very soft and mushy, otherwise it tastes extremely astringent (mapakla) and is not delectable..
    In Japan, the extra persimmons from the backyard garden harvest may be air-dried outdoors in winter and its sweetness becomes more concentrated, but the texture becomes leathery/chewy. Still tastes very good!

  • it looks like a peach?

    • ah mas malapit po sa persimmon. 🙂

      • yes the fruit like tomato is really good and its name is persimmon i also heard this name .

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