Boiled Saba Bananas Can Make You Fuller?

When I eat three ripe saba bananas, I am still looking for more. However, three boiled saba bananas are often enough to make me full, sometimes two are enough.  It seems that boiled bananas makes one fuller.  Are you experiencing the same thing?

I asked brother what is his opinion about the case. He replied that it has more water than unboiled. Its the water content that makes the stomach fuller.

Banana flesh is compact and watery already. By theory, absorbing more water is unlikely. To solve the puzzle, I got seven ripe saba bananas. Assigned number to each by scratching the peel with knife. Weighed. Boiled for fifteen minutes. Then reweighed.

weighing of saba banana

boiling of saban banana

Here are the weighing results:

Weight before boiling:

1 – 75
2 – 66
3 – 75
4 – 65
5 – 60
6 – 50
7 – 58

Weight after boiling:

1 – 74
2 – 64
3 – 74
4 – 63
5 – 58
6 – 48
7 – 55

During boiling, the starch content undergo the process of gelatinization. This might be responsible for more water absorption. However the results tell the reverse. Each banana had one to three grams weight loss.

Puzzle still not solved. The gelatinized banana might be harder to digest.



  • I like eating it but it is high in sugar and calories. Do you also know the difference between cardava and Saba?

    • I think, just a different codename of separate localities

  • Boiled saba bananas can really make you feel full… it’s the high fiber content of any food that cause our stomach to feel full… including banana

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