Gabi / Taro Benefits

Way back years ago, we used to cook broiled and boiled gabi / taro as merienda. My mother was also using it as ingredient for cooking meat and vegetable dishes.

As of date gabi plant in my father’s farm are rare because making money out of it was quite slow. However, my father is still keeping some plants due to its benefits. Here are some of them:

1) The leaves and petioles of gabi are also considerably used as leafy vegetables, and both are very good sources of calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

2) The pressed juice of the petioles is styptic, and may be used to arrest arterial hemorrhage.

3) It is sometimes used in earache and otorrhoea and also an external stimulant and

4) The juice is used in cases of alopecia.

5) Internally ,the juice, acts as a laxative,
and is used in cases of piles and congestion of the portal system, and also an
antidote to the stings of wasps and other insects

6) The heated tubers are locally applied to painful
parts in rheumatism.

7) The ash of the tuber mixed with honey is applied for
aphthae in the mouth.

8) The roots are used in catarrh and colic.

9) The raw juice of gabi is given to drink, mixed with sugar, as a febrifuge.

gabi root

benefits are courtesy of bureau of plant industry

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