A Catchy Exercise Reminder!

These brochures have peculiar title, “Galaw-galaw baka pumanaw“. English translation, “Exercise or you might end dead”.

galaw galaw baka pumanaw

It is the usual way of telling a lazy person, doing nothing but sitting all day and watching television, to do some useful work. The primary concern however are the jobs that need to be done and not the person’s health.

The other relative term is “Galaw-galaw at baka ma-istroke“. It literally means, help me do the work or you might suffer brain stroke, which is a near death situation.

Exercise is a must together with a healthy diet. However, most of us are living a sedentary life. Like people having an office work, factory line workers, bank tellers and customer service representatives. This lifestyle is a precursor to various mild to worse degenerative diseases. Some never have time for exercise and most just never want to.

The title used was a catchy way of reminding people to do regular exercise.

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