A Soap Opera Endorsement for Tawa Tawa Herb

I guess the increasing popularity of tawa tawa plant can’t be stopped. Academic and research institutions have been studying it and seeing positive results. The Department of Health which previously discouraging its use took back their words. They never gave any recommendations though.

Hope it become one of the approved herbal medicine soon.

Recently it got a free television endorsement thru “Please Be Careful With My Heart” of ABS-CBN. I never know if it was a coincidence, a good Samaritan paid the cost, or they were really intend to help those who are in need.

The story goes like this.

Maya had dengue and was hospitalized. Her blood platelet count became significantly low that she was placed under intensive care unit. Her relatives gather tawa tawa herbs, washed, boiled and brought it to hospital. Maya drank it. Then her platelet count went up after. I have no idea about the approximate period but it was something miraculously short.

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