Goat Milk as Basis For Infant Formula

Goat milk could be the basis for infant formula for the following reasons:

1) Goat milk consumption on regular basis helps the recovery of of persons suffering from iron deficiency anemia. This milk boost the use of iron and regeneration of hemoglubin.tsupon nipple milk
2) Goat milk has casein but has less casein alpha 1. The latter is responsible for most allergic reaction in cow’s milk.
3) It has a significant amount of oligosaccharides which able to reach the large intestine undigested. These oligosaccharides, similar to human milk, help the developement of friendly bacteria.
4) Goat milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Contribute to improve bone formation.
5) Is your baby lactose intolerant? This milk has less lactose which make it easier to digest.
6) It help prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and build antioxidant defense cause it has more zinc and selenium.

All of the above mentioned properties are similar to human milk.

The findings are courtesy of Prof Margarita Sanchez Campos of the University of Granada, Department of Physiology and Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology.

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