Eating Gotu Kola / Takip Suso Salad for Rheumatism Cure

The pain in my ankle was really persistent. I woke up early morning when I felt the pain in my right and left ankle. My two ankle seemed to be okay when not moving but it felt a severe pain when I started walking.

The weather was so cold back then so everyone who saw how I walked was saying that it was a rheumatism. I cannot accept that it was such because swelling never occurred. Maybe I was mistaken and It was really a rheumatism.

After two days of hard walking and unable to drive a car, my mother-in-law suggested to bandage it with slices of ginger with oil. The trick worked by easing the pain but pain was not completely eliminated. I want a long term cure. I don’t want this culprit pain to happen ever again.

My auntie suggested to me the herb called gotu-kola. She added that eating the herb everyday cured her ankle pain. I also tried her recommendation.

After several days of eating gotu-kola, I can walk easily with only slight pain. I hope the development will continue until its gone forever.

By the way I am eating the herb like salad, with mayonnaise. Other ingredients mask its astringent taste.

gotu kola salad

update as of june 28, 2011

My feet pain is attacking again! Why? Maybe because I stopped eating the herb few months ago. However, the pain is not as severe as before. It seems I need to eat more…

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