Curing Gout with Proper Diet

After two years, gout attacked me again. I am sure it was due to negligence. Eating more than what I could burn and specially, taking in the trigger. Two days of pig backfat as viand plus one whole day of liver while the gout symptoms was manifesting.

I felt a slight pain on right ankle Saturday night. It increased a little by Sunday. It was painful by Monday but I still managed going to work. Very painful by evening. Walking was almost impossible. Seemed a vice grip was gripping and twitching my bones. By midnight, no comfortable way to walk, sit and lie to bed. Very slight movement brought so much pain. I only slept comfortably when the sun began to rise, when the cold environment began to ceased.

As per research, the main reason for gout attacks is improper diet. So what caused by wrong diet could be cured by following a proper food plan. What were the specific foods that triggered my gout. As per my memory remember, they were pig backfat and liver. Liver is a no no for people prone to gout symptoms. It has incredibly high amount of purines. Backfat on the other does not contain dangerous amounts but works like lock which prevents the exit of uric acid out of human body.

To put it simply. Purines are broken down to uric acid. Excess uric acid are deposited on bone joints mostly in areas near toe. Crystal deposits are responsible for severe pain. Uric acid are taken out of the body via kidney. Excess uric acid occurs when too much purine are taken in, kidneys cannot take them out as necessary or the organ is beginning to fail.

My prior gout attack gave me pain for about one and a half months. I didn’t think I can handle that long pain again. I have many works to do. Going to doctor was not my option because I know very well that gout drug medicines have harmful side effects and take time to work. What I tried this time were far harder but very very effective.

1) Drinking a lot of water. The hard part was frequent journey to comfort room whilst my ankle was aching big time.

2) Eating nothing but apples and bananas for 24 hours. The two food items are reportedly low and purines and are good for relieving gout symptoms. Continuing it for the next day onwards but taking little rice and viand. Philippines is a rice eating country, letting go of rice for something else was really something.

3) Eating raw garlic. I tried it cause it is a healthy food. I felt pain relief after  few cloves. I continued eating such for 24 hours, 4 garlic heads in one day. Raw garlic tasted sucks, it was hot on stomach and it made my breath smelled really bad.

4) Avoiding high purine foods. They are delicious foods that are often on our dining table. Do I need to mention why it was hard?

The pain and swelling was almost gone after one week. I am walking straight again as if nothing bad happened.

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  1. i don’t take any medicine every time i had gout attack. I just drink plenty of water and low purine diet. The longest attack i had was 1 week before the swelling was finally gone.

    Nice blog

    1. Me too, I don’t take any medicine. If improper food intake is the reason, then I believe, correcting the bad habit will solve the problem

  2. This is also my problem. It has not occurred for several years now but I still feel something pain in my back. My urine is dark yellow and my doctor said to drink plenty of water! Gave me prescription for pain only when necessary. It is none steroidal drug.

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