Herbal Product: Green Barley – A Total Food

We have two packs of green barley in our home. Packs of 22 grams each. A product of Health and Wealth International Corporation. I have never bought even once for myself. No one succeeded in convincing me. My better half bought it for 214 pesos each. I told her not to buy more!

green barley powder

It’s a multi-level marketing product. If someone enter the selling pyramid, every persons above the line have rebates on every sale. Recruit a downline and get rebates on their sales. This rebate system makes the product way too expensive. Please correct and pardon me if I’m wrong!

Mr. Google see green barley as packed process product. Try googling the word “green barley” and see what I mean. The first two result pages are all about websites selling green barley. It’s not surprising though. A herbal plant with strong medicinal properties are very popular and in high demand. Companies are answering by providing expensive supplies.

Note: I am not promoting, selling or recommending this product. I am not taking it either.

Green Barley, A total food, is composed of organic green barley, natural fruit extracts, nature identical flavor, sucralose as sweetener, sucrose and maltodextrine. I wonder why it’s called a total food. Maybe it contains all the essential nutrients.

green barley directions ingredients

According to label: Barley green powder – A total food is the only vegetation on earth that can supply sole nutritional support from birth to old age. It contains all the vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for the human diet plus chlorophyll.  Nutritional information is tabulated on label. No need to mention every names cause the label already said “all”.These necessities are easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract, giving our bodies instant access to vital nutrients.

The package is made of HDPE, high density polyethylene. Has a triple seal protection, the shrink wrap, the removable cap lid, and another seal after removing the screw cap – a seal similar to cup noodles.

green barley third seal

According to… The 22 g package is filled with cold water just above the label, shaken until all powder is dissolved. Good for seven days – take two screw caps full once a day everyday.

My sister-in-law stated, it’s good. A good friend of her suffered a severe foot infection. Doctor can’t do nothing but to recommend foot removal. The guy refused and resort to power of green barley instead.  The foot miraculously healed.  Never sure what brand he took and how long he took it before the relief.

2 Replies to “Herbal Product: Green Barley – A Total Food”

  1. Does anyone get pregnant while taking green barley?….im planning to get a baby and one of my friend recommend me this product coz it will help me concieve…..

  2. hello,

    it’s sad that you judge a product just based on your opinion. you shouldn’t have written a piece of trash in the first place.

    know the product, know the company. why it’s via direct selling, networking? so as to give opportunities to people out there to have livelihood and nutrition at the same time, and not just limit the opportunity to earn if there exists an exclusive distributor of such product like a drugstore, whatsoever.

    green barley a total food is the leading and original brand of green barley in the philippines. try it to discover the amazing benefits of this product and then you can change the tone of your article.

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