Immature Guava as Treatment of Balinguyngoy (Nosebleed, Epistaxis))

My uncle’s wife is from Romblon province. They have many exotic food the we do not usually eat. Some of those are immature santol, shell of very young coconut, garlic soaked in mixture of vinegar and soy sauce and bubot na bayabas (immature/young guava).

I already tried eating bubot na bayabas. It is hard and taste mapakla (astringent). I gonna continue eating it if someone gonna pay me a reasonable amount for every piece or if it is for medicinal purposes.

bubot na bayabas

During our math class in college, one of my classmates experienced a nosebleed (balinguyngoy, epistaxis). Based on my observation, the disease is really irritating, it occurs when you least expected it. Some says that it is caused by hot weather, although there are other factors causing it.

Our math teacher recommended young guava as treatment for nosebleed. She said she also have persistent epistaxis during her childhood. Eating the young fruit everyday cured her illness. A good friend recommended it to her.

My younger sister was also experiencing nosebleed. The blood flows from her nose about 3-4 times a week. I told her to eat bubot na bayabas as treatment. Then her illness slowly disappear.

So if you have a recurring epistaxis, you should try eating young guava everyday. Guava is a well known edible fruit, eating it will not cause any harm.

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