The Guppy Fish for Dengue Fight / Prevention?

The news about guppy fish and dengue was flashed on TV5 Aksyon. I got excited cause the news said that it was a new discovery for fighting dengue. I patiently wait for the segment. guppy fish for dengue fighting

The solution came from Cordillera Province. Its about the small guppy fishes. One full grown guppy fish has the capacity to eat one drum of water with lots of mosquito larvae. It was introduced to province as control for malaria.

The Department of Health is now studying the potency of guppy fish in controlling dengue causing  mosquitoes. The department plan to pilot test the fish in Baguio City this coming year 2012. If it is a success, guppy fishes will be distributed nationwide.

I thought it could be eaten like tawa tawa herb. Guppy fish is for prevention and prevention is always the best.

I still wonder why they are not studying the potency of tawa tawa herb.

photo courtesy of nevit

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