Guyabano Against Cancer | Readers' Inputs, Part 1

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william  2011/02/27 at 7:04 am
For those who has suffered from devastating gonorrhea,tulo, herpes, try this, guyabano is the god answer for you, how to prepare, kainin ang laman ng frutas, then yung balat nito dikdikin ng pino tapos ilagay sa XL diaper then upuan nyo kailangan yung titi at bayag pati puwet nyo saktong tumama sa dinikdik na guyabano then indayog puwet nyo na parang gumigiling kayo mga within 15-30 minutes, ituring nyo na parang nakikipag sex kayo then suddenly yung nararamdaman nyong nakakainis na kati sa puwet nyo na pang may gumagapang na hanep ay mawawala na lang bigla,do this 3 to 5 times, believe me its’ very effective, i hope nakatulong ako. Thank you.

Ma. Concepcion Regino 2011/04/23 at 10:37 pm
My sister has cancer of the ovary stage 3.. Specialist ask us to produce Php200,000 for chemo radiation but no assurance of recovery… I research for herbal medication and I found out that Guyavano can cure cancer 10,000 times the chemo theraphy. I bought guyavano for my sister and one day after eating guyavano she feels better. Now she is taking guyavano as part of her meals and this is her forth day of Guyavano medication. I see the continous improvement in her and we plan to bring her to Specialist after a month for check up.. We will give you updates from time to time.

Ma.Concepcion Regino 2011/04/24 at 10:21 pm
Today, my sister went to Quiapo by herself, so energetic, this is her 5th day Guyavano medication, aside from guyavano, I instructed her to always have ripe mango and leafy vegetables in her meals, guava for her vitamin C and banana as her energy food. I deprived her from eating processed food including junk food, instant food, soft drinks and coffee.
Please correct me if there is any conflict with my instruction.
I’m not a doctor I am prescribing according to research due to financial constraint.

edna 2011/04/26 at 12:17 am
My brother is a healthy guy,occasionally only drink alcohol before but not alcoholic, if you see him you can say , he is not suffering with a lever tumor , the tumor was discovered last yr april when he went to the dr for CT Scan, he is a seaman and he need medical check up before he must go to abroad, he was worried , the doctor advised him to undergo for biopsy then he did ,after 3 months he went back for medical control and found out that the tumor is back , he is again worried and depressed then we advised him to try Dr Alternativo , 3 months after went back for CT Scan and found out that its not working , then I have heard about guyabano and is a remedy for cancer , after all we advised him to eat guyabano everyday and drink the decotion from bark and leaves, I know and I trust God , this is a great hope for him, this is the gift from God if you believe…PRAISE THE LORD ALLELUIA AMEN

Ron Tancio 2011/05/19 at 3:49 pm
Modern medicines absolutely won’t conduct studies on this wonder fruit dahil babagsak ang multi-million anti cancer medicine industry throughout the world… Ang guyabano ay nagkakahalaga lamang ng Php25-30/kg guaranteed with no side effects samantalang ang isang anti cancer tablet/capsule/vial ay umaabot ng Php500 pataas at hindi pa garantisado ang epekto nito at maraming side effects! Kaya just spread the curing words to our kababayan na meron or wlang cancer…

21 Replies to “Guyabano Against Cancer | Readers' Inputs, Part 1”

  1. Hello po! May cyst po ako left and right! Nagpa ultrasound na po ako multiple! Ask q lang po kung ano po pampatunaw sa cyst? Salamat po!

  2. ,paano po mgtake ng gtea,kilangan po b lge pa2litan ang dhon kpg naglalaga.slmat po sna po msgot u ang tnung q..gusto q po c gmling ang ta2y q tinubuan po ng mga kulani s leeg pi ng doctor lymphoma dw po skit xa..nd nman po xa ka2yanin ang chemo,radio un po ang nirecommend ng doctor la dw po c ibang gmot.ty po jah bless

    1. Hello, yung tatay ko po natuklasan po na may bone cancer at lung cancer bali nagcomplicomplikasyon n po sabi po ng dr. Dn daw po kaya ng gamot kc kumalat n daw po ung cancer s katawan nya, bali month of May lang po natuklasan, pwede po nmin painumin ng gtea, sana po masagot nyo po ako.God bless po

  3. Maam reyes ,

    Nalilito po aq ayon po s pagkakainawa ko. Ang gtea ay hangang 8hrs lng at dpat 3xaday. Kung hanggang 8 hrs lng po ibig nio po bang sabihin maglalaga ulet nang panibago pra s before dinner meal kc expired na ung tirang gtea.ssalamat po

  4. Sa totoo lng nkakahiya humingi ng dahon,knakapalan ko nlng mukha ko s kgustuhan ko gumaling,mgtatanim nko ng maraming guyabano.Praise the Lord!!

  5. My sintomas ako ng cervical cancer,takot mgpatingin sinasarili ko nlng nraramdaman ko gaya ng heavy mens na minsan kht tpos na next day merun n naman..mhrap tlga.pero ng mbsa ko ang tungkol sa guyabano dna ko ng dalawang icp subukan,nghingi ako s kptbhay ng mga dahon inilaga at iniinum ko..pero maniwala kau 3weeks plng ako umiinum my pgbbgo tlga.,slamat sa Dyos by sending me ds kind of anak ako na my uti unti unti pnapainum ko rin xa.alam ko kaya xa pagalingin.salamat po

  6. hi gusto ko pong itanong kung pwedi po uminum mama ko guyabano tea my cancer po cya hyperthyroidism at s ngayong nsa hospital cya kc nhirapan cya huminga inuubo po cya at sabi ng doctor dhil daw s goiter..

  7. hello po,!
    May cyst po aq sa magkabilang suso, sabi po nang doktor dito sa midlle east walang gmot po daw dito na pwedeng tumunaw. Operasyon lang daw ang ppwede. Gusto q pong itry ang guyabano tea, paano po ba ang tamang procedure nang g tea. Maari po bang pakisend sa email q..?
    Thanks and more power

  8. hellow
    my father is a diabetic patient, thus he also suffers body pain due to arthritis, i want him to take the guyabano tea, but i am afraid i did gave him the wrong direction in preparing such, in view, i want to have know if the 30 days preparation you’ve posted can also be used in preparation for my father’s treatment?
    its bing from isabela, basilan….thank you

  9. In 2009 my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 colon Cancer , undergo surgery , radiation and 6 cycle chemo treatment, and he had taken only guyabano leaves tea daily , until now after the modern treatment …. he has regular blood test and CT scan ….. more than 3 yrs his free of cancer……. and I was diagnosed last November 2012 with stage 3 Gastric Cancer and I went for second opinion and lab test with the same result , Im currently undergoing chemo treatment and will have surgery next month and after the surgery I have to complete 3 more cycle of chemotheraphy … I’ve been taking Guyabano tea daily in addition to my chemo treatment…. I don’t feel stomach pain and discomfort anymore , I having a normal diet ,eating habit and gained weight ….although I gave up the gym coz I canot exposed myself to crowded palce but .I have a strong faith and claimed to myself that I’m cured …… with prayers, modern treatment, the support of my family and friends .and the Guyabano ( that helps my DAD survived this desease ) I will also survive and win this battle ……. I’ll keep you posted ….

    1. Hi Alex,

      May I know your body reaction after drinking the G-tea? Was it the same feeling as having chemotherapy?

      Thank you so much for your help. God bless

  10. Hello!

    My brother is suffering from pancreatic cancer 4 stage!

    We are located in Sweden and Latvia.

    Do you know where I could get guyanamo tea or leaves to make the tea my self?

    Appreciate you help!

        1. Hi, I heard you can buy the leaves from Ms Reyes, I think she can send it through courier.. She is the owner of this site. let me know if you are able to buy some leaves…

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