Guyabano Against Cancer and Other Diseases| Questions and Answers… with Ms. Reyes


A revised article recently submitted by Ms. Reyes. Hope this answers all the questions regarding guyabano tea preparation and treatment procedures!

Materials needed:

a. one 8 oz. cup of shredded fresh or air dried guyabano leaves
b. one liter water

Use mature (but not too old) leaves. These may be fresh or dried. However, air dried or shadow dried leaves are better than fresh because the drying concentrates the medicinal properties of the plant, therefore more effective. Sun drying or oven drying is not recommended because too much heat will cook the medicinal and nutritive values of the leaves, causing them to lose their potency.

The leaves are shredded to make extraction of the medicinal
contents easier and more complete.

1. Boil the water in a sauce pan.
2. As soon as it boils, add the shredded guyabano leaves and turn
down the heat to low.
3. Simmer the leaves for 20 minutes.
4. Turn off the stove. Let the tea cool, ready for drinking.

When you prepare guyabano tea, make only enough for the day because the potency of the tea is good only for up to 7 or 8 hours. You may put the tea in the refrigerator. Any leftover tea after drinking your daily dose must be thrown out. Make a new batch of tea every day.


a. This treatment requires drinking the tea 3 times a day, one 8 oz.
glass of tea, 30 minutes before every meal. ( The tea is
absorbed more easily in an empty stomach. When taken after
meals, the tea is mixed with the food, and it has to wait for the
food to be digested before it gets absorbed together with all
the other nutrients. Taken before meals, the tea hits the
bloodstream more quickly.)

b. The g-tea, drank 3x a day, 30 minutes before meals, is taken for 30 consecutive days only. More than that, it will affect your gut flora. The tea, despite its potency, targets only the sick cells in the body, leaving the good cells unharmed. However, after 30 days, it will destroy the good bacteria in the stomach.

c. After the 30-day treatment, have yourself checked up by a doctor to see if the disease is still there. Or, check yourself of symptoms. Are the symptoms of the illness still there? If check up result says disease free, then taper off your treatment dose to maintenance dose.

However, if the symptoms are still there after the 30-day treatment, REST YOUR BODY (specifically your kidneys) FOR 10 DAYS, NO DRINKING OF THE G-TEA. But after the 10 days, REPEAT THE 30-DAY TREATMENT PROTOCOL.

Even if the symptoms disappear before the repeat treatment is over, finish the 30 days to make sure that not a single sick cell is left in your body. Or else, that single sick cell will multiply very quickly, and the problem returns.

The 30-day treatment protocol then is this: Drink g-tea 3x a day, one glass 30 minutes before each meal, for 30 consecutive days, no skipping!

After the illness has cleared, don’t stop taking the g-tea abruptly. The maintenance dose is one glass of g-tea a day, 30 minutes before meals, taken for 5 consecutive days during the week, resting the body for 2 days. For easy remembering, drink the g-tea
from Monday to Friday, rest on Saturday and Sunday.

How long will one be taking the maintenance dose? For as long as you feel good taking the g-tea. Or you may taper off to the BODY TUNE UP.

Everybody, sick or not, may take the g-tea body tune up drink. Guyabano boosts the immune system: protects against flu, coughs and colds, fever, etc.

One glass of the g-tea, 30 minutes before a meal, at least 3 days a week, every other day. Like, drink g-tea MWF, or TThS, rest on a Sunday.

1. DON’T OVERDO ON THE G-TEA. An overdose will cause nausea and vomiting. However, if this happens, just lessen the dose down to your tolerable level. Like, instead of one glass of g-tea, make it 1/2 glass.

Adjust the dose for children. Maybe, 30 ml for kindergarteners, 1/2 glass for bigger kids.

2. Don’t add or mix some other healing substances to the g-tea because of the danger of chemical incompatibility. If at all, take them at different times. But g-tea must be taken before meals.



  • Hi po Ms. Reyes. Nultrasound po si nanay ko 2weeks ago. Ang nakita po ay mild fatty liver at gallbladder polyps. Makakatulong po ba ang G tea at ok lang po ba yun sa liver. Sana po makatugon kayo. Salamat po.

  • Ask qu.po kung pwede po ba sa lowblood ang guyabano yea. 100/70 po dugo qu

  • help nman po..mula june sumakit n po lalamunan ko.then bgla q nlng nkita n my lumabas n bilog s tonsil ko bandang kanan..then ngaun sinlaki n po xa ng monggo dti maliit lng po…at my nkkita p aq n prang nanga2nak i2..ano po b un knkabahan n po kc ako..hnd n nging ok pkiramdam q sa lalamunan q lgi p po my plema n lumalabas skin..mgagamot po b kng iinom aq ng guyabano ksi 2 months n po ako nyan umiinom dhil nbasa ko kontra cancer?pls po advise me kng ano ung nsa lalmunan ko…tnx po!Godbless!

  • Pwede po b yan sa anak ko my uti 4yrs’old ganu kadami.tnx poo

  • good day po ulit ms reyes, tanong ko lng po kung pede ba uminom ng gtea for lifetime? ginagawa ko kc everyday na po 1glass aday sa gabi ko iniinom ang gtea bgo matulog yung wala na laman tyan ko? tapos na po ako sa protocol. ok lng po ba yun? at ok lng ba na umiinom ako ng metformin? ok ba ang gtea sa mataas ang sugar? tnk u po ulit. God Bless

    Reply ↓

  • Gud pm ms. Reyes. I want to take a gtea but i have an ulcer. Safe ba ito sa kalagayan ko. Salamat po

  • Pwd ba iin0m ng gtea ang may ulcer? Hindi ba ito dilikado? Salamat po.

  • Hello Doc Reyes

    I read all your advices to the patients who suffered illness and your advices are so amazing thru Guyababo leaves tea. I have my cyst diagnosed last March 2014 the sized is 11 cm is so big already. My Ob advised me to hurry in operation because it will rapture in no time I am afraid of operation to my body I decided to take herbal supplements since March until now, and this October I started to prepare in 30 Protocol Gtea before I drank Gtea not everyday. Is is ok I drink it everyday? My cook is I put 21 leaves with 7 cups of water is this correct to boiled Doc? I wanted to know your advice. Doc my question do I still heal the Protocol Gtea even my cyst so large at sized of 11 cm. Hoping to hear your response Doc.

    Thank you so much reading my comments.


  • Ime sup on September 30, 2014 at 1:21 am said:
    good day po ulit ms reyes, tanong ko lng po kung pede ba uminom ng gtea for lifetime? ginagawa ko kc everyday na po tapos sa gabi ko iniinom ang gtea bago matulog yung wala na laman tyan ko? ok lng po ba yun? tnk u po ulit. God Bless

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