Guyabano Against Cancer and Other Diseases| Questions and Answers… with Ms. Reyes


A revised article recently submitted by Ms. Reyes. Hope this answers all the questions regarding guyabano tea preparation and treatment procedures!

Materials needed:

a. one 8 oz. cup of shredded fresh or air dried guyabano leaves
b. one liter water

Use mature (but not too old) leaves. These may be fresh or dried. However, air dried or shadow dried leaves are better than fresh because the drying concentrates the medicinal properties of the plant, therefore more effective. Sun drying or oven drying is not recommended because too much heat will cook the medicinal and nutritive values of the leaves, causing them to lose their potency.

The leaves are shredded to make extraction of the medicinal
contents easier and more complete.


1. Boil the water in a sauce pan.
2. As soon as it boils, add the shredded guyabano leaves and turn
down the heat to low.
3. Simmer the leaves for 20 minutes.
4. Turn off the stove. Let the tea cool, ready for drinking.

When you prepare guyabano tea, make only enough for the day because the potency of the tea is good only for up to 7 or 8 hours. You may put the tea in the refrigerator. Any leftover tea after drinking your daily dose must be thrown out. Make a new batch of tea every day.



a. This treatment requires drinking the tea 3 times a day, one 8 oz.
glass of tea, 30 minutes before every meal. ( The tea is
absorbed more easily in an empty stomach. When taken after
meals, the tea is mixed with the food, and it has to wait for the
food to be digested before it gets absorbed together with all
the other nutrients. Taken before meals, the tea hits the
bloodstream more quickly.)

b. The g-tea, drank 3x a day, 30 minutes before meals, is taken for 30 consecutive days only. More than that, it will affect your gut flora. The tea, despite its potency, targets only the sick cells in the body, leaving the good cells unharmed. However, after 30 days, it will destroy the good bacteria in the stomach.

c. After the 30-day treatment, have yourself checked up by a doctor to see if the disease is still there. Or, check yourself of symptoms. Are the symptoms of the illness still there? If check up result says disease free, then taper off your treatment dose to maintenance dose.

However, if the symptoms are still there after the 30-day treatment, REST YOUR BODY (specifically your kidneys) FOR 10 DAYS, NO DRINKING OF THE G-TEA. But after the 10 days, REPEAT THE 30-DAY TREATMENT PROTOCOL.

Even if the symptoms disappear before the repeat treatment is over, finish the 30 days to make sure that not a single sick cell is left in your body. Or else, that single sick cell will multiply very quickly, and the problem returns.


The 30-day treatment protocol then is this: Drink g-tea 3x a day, one glass 30 minutes before each meal, for 30 consecutive days, no skipping!


After the illness has cleared, don’t stop taking the g-tea abruptly. The maintenance dose is one glass of g-tea a day, 30 minutes before meals, taken for 5 consecutive days during the week, resting the body for 2 days. For easy remembering, drink the g-tea
from Monday to Friday, rest on Saturday and Sunday.

How long will one be taking the maintenance dose? For as long as you feel good taking the g-tea. Or you may taper off to the BODY TUNE UP.


Everybody, sick or not, may take the g-tea body tune up drink. Guyabano boosts the immune system: protects against flu, coughs and colds, fever, etc.

One glass of the g-tea, 30 minutes before a meal, at least 3 days a week, every other day. Like, drink g-tea MWF, or TThS, rest on a Sunday.


1. DON’T OVERDO ON THE G-TEA. An overdose will cause nausea and vomiting. However, if this happens, just lessen the dose down to your tolerable level. Like, instead of one glass of g-tea, make it 1/2 glass.

Adjust the dose for children. Maybe, 30 ml for kindergarteners, 1/2 glass for bigger kids.

2. Don’t add or mix some other healing substances to the g-tea because of the danger of chemical incompatibility. If at all, take them at different times. But g-tea must be taken before meals.


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  • Hello again thanks for your reply…i wanted to ask you kasi i was diagnosed with endometriosis..and i was operated last july 24 because of ovarian cysts-benign…Since..august im taking Yasmin Pills for alomost 2 mos na to control my endometriosis as prescribed by my doctora.would like to ask wala po bang effect yun kung uminom ako ng G-Tea???? Nagkaroon kasi ako ng spotting thats why im quite alarmed,…..kasi wala pa akong na-miss na pills.
    I drink the G-tea in the morning….then 12nn kasi yun time ko sa pag inom ng pills… of today sept 27 i stop drinking muna
    G-tea……baka kasi may effect sa Yasmin pills…Please help enlighten me…..I wanted to drink G-tea din kasi because of his anti cancer properties plus mas mura dahil nahihingi ko lang sa farm nun kaibigan….need your RESPONSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thanks again God Bless!.

    • dear Sandee,

      As long as you don’t take the g-tea with your yasmin pills at the same time, it’s alright. Guyabano is safe and harmless basta di ka buntis, di nagpapasuso ng bata, walang low blood pressure, at hindi gumagamit ng CoQ10

      Mabuti nga ito sa pagbo-boost ng immune system, at pag-i-improve ng general well-being.

      God bless!

  • elow po ulit ms.reyes, mag start n ulit po ako uminom ,30 dys parin po ba ang gagamitin ko

    • Hello Janmae,

      Wala na ba ang symptoms nung illness mo? Kung wala na, maintenance protocol ka na. Kung meron pa, rest ng 10 days, tapos balik sa 30-day treatment protocol.

      God bless!

  • hello ms. reyes

    tanong ko lng po kung pwede sobara sa isang baso ang
    inumin ng g. tea masama ba ang sobra ang inom nakakasira ba
    siya ng kidney at liver . pano po kung busog paako iniinom ko napo 2.30pm bago magmeryenda 3 pm ang meryenda namin .8 hrs. na kailangan inumin ko na po minsan lagpas 10 hrs. masama po ba .
    ang sobra sa inom apectado ba ang kidney o liver kasi yung iba
    herbal nakakasira ng kidney o liver.

    thanks. po sa inyo
    god bless yu

    • Hello Lydia,

      May overdose din ang guyabano pag napa-sobra ng inom: pagkahilo, pagsusuka, sakit ng ulo.

      Mas effective ang guyabano tea within the 8 hrs. after boiling.

      HIndi dapat umiinom ng g-tea for more than 30 days at one time, kaya naman pinagre-rest ang katawan, specifically the kidneys for 10 days bago uminom uli.

      God bless!

      God bless!

  • mam ask lang po, kasi father ko may stage 4 cancer, we followed the 30-day protocol. pero ako po kasi natatakot kasi baka magaya ako sa father ko, i’m 37 yrs. old,

    1) ano po ba ang tamang pag inom sa kagaya ko, ung gusto ko lang ma prevent ako to have cancer, parang maintenance po, paano po ba ang tamang pag inom ng g-tea? pwede rin po bang haluan ng NIDO para di gaanong malasahan, or pure G-tea lang po?

    2) i have 14 and 12 yr. old children, pwede din ba sila uminom ng g-tea and paano po? thanks po, sana u could help me kasi natatakot po akong magka cancer, my mom died of cervical cancer, and now my dad is suffering of stage 4 pancreas cancer, thanks!!

    • Hello Wynnie,

      If cancer runs in the family, you need more than just g-tea and other supplements. Lifestyle changes ang kailangan mo. Like, ingatan mo ang diet mo. Avoid meats like red meat or beef. Safer ang turkey, chicken, and fish. Pero, once in a while lang din ang mga ito. Eat lots of veggies and fruits, At sa sweets, avoid candies, ice-creams, .and refined flour products like cakes


      Get enough rest and sleep, enough exercise, and laugh a lot!

      Read the 30-Day Treatment Protocol of Guyabano Tea. You can do the maintenance protocol or the Body Tune Up. Pure guyabano tea lang, ha? Don’t add anything to it.

      For the kids, give them the body tune-up protocol, adjusting the dosage to 1/2 cup. Remember, not much on sweets and meats!

      God bless!

  • mam ask lang po, kasi father ko may stage 4 cancer, we followed the 30-day protocol. pero ako po kasi natatakot kasi baka magaya ako sa father ko, i’m 37 yrs. old, ano po ba ang tamang pag inom sa kagaya ko, ung gusto ko lang ma prevent ako to have cancer, parang maintenance po, paano po ba ang tamang pag inom ng g-tea? thanks po, sana u could help me thanks!!

  • Hello po ms reyes…nktapos n po ulit ang mothr q ng 30day protocol…pngalawa n po nya…pd po b mg 30day protocol ulit xa after 10dys? ang mothr q po eh un my adenocarcinoma cervical(vulvar)…d n po lumaki un bukol nya unlke b4 n.ptuloy n.lumalaki…pro d p rin po ntutuyo at nglalabas p rin po ng nana…ok lng po b mg 30dy protocol p ulit xa?

    • Hello Divina,

      Oo, puedeng umulit pa siya. Basta siguruhing mag-rest muna siya ng 10 days, ha?

      God bless!

  • pwede po ba mag inom ang may menstruation?

    • Hello Rosemarie,

      Opo, puede po.

      God bless!

  • hellow po ms,reyes
    tanong ko lng po kc po ung hipag ko may hemorrhoids,pwde rin po ba cya uminom ng guyabano,

    • Hello Janmae,

      Ang guyabano tea ay mahusay sa maraming uri ng sakit lalo na sa mga cancer at mga bukol-bukol. Pero, hinanap ko kung puede ba sa hemorrhoids, wala akong nabasa na nagsasabing nakakapagpagaling sa gano’n ang g-tea.

      Subalit, ang guyabano ay nakaka-boost ng immune system at nakaka-improve ng general well-being. So, kung okey ba ito sa kanya, okeyng-okey talaga, dahil bubuti ang pangangatawan niya. Kaya lang, di ko alam kung gagaling ba ang hemorrhoids niya.

      Try mo hanapin sa ang mga remedies para sa hemorrhoids.

      God bless!

      • ay ganun po b,pero na banggit nya sa kin na nag start cya uminon, na ng gtea, sabihin ko po ba na stop na lng nya

        • ms reyes lumiit na po ung goiter ko,pero medyo may maliit pa po,tas nag stop po ako ng 10 dys, after po nun uminom ulit ako kso mga 2wks lng po , kc po wala na po akung makuhanan ng dahon ,gusto ko po ulit uminom,pag na khanap ulit ako ng dahon okey lng po ba un

          • Hello Janmae,

            Oo, okey lang na uminom ka uli ng g-tea.

            God bless!

        • Ay, okey lang namang uminom siya kasi mabuti sa katawan ang g-tea, nagpapalakas ng resistensiya.

          Maintenance protocol lang siya, o di kaya body tune up.

          God bless!

  • Ms. Reyes,
    tanong ko lng po my goiter po ako pero nagpapagamot ppo ako, meron dn po akong asthma at sa puso, minsan tumataas ang bp kpo at bumabba, at hanggang ngaun my sakt dn po ako na eumonia dala dw po sa goiter gland kpo. tanung ko lng po kng makkabuti pong uminom po ako ng g-tea at kung paano po ang pag inom kc po umiinom dn po ako ng PTU, at PROPRANOLOL para sa puso twing kada 3 beses isang araw. labas pasok po ako ng hospital dahil sa goiter ko. Madalas dn po akong hikain makkainam po ba sakin ang g-tea kng sasabayan ko ng inom.ASAP po PAKISAGOT po kagad ang mga tanong kpo…


    • Hello Myrna,

      Ang guyabano tea ay nakaka-boost ng immune system at nakaka-improve ng general well-being. Ayon sa mga artikulong pinag-aralan ko, ito ay safe and harmless, maliban na lang kung ikaw ay buntis, nagpapasuso ng baby, gumagamit ng ATP enhancers gaya ng CoQ10, at may low blood pressure. Pag gano’n, bawal ang g-tea. Sa may low blood pressure, pag uminom ng g-tea, kelangan regular ang pagmo-monitor ng bp para mai-adjust ang medications kung kinakailangan.

      Nasa itaas ang artikulong “The 30-Day Treatment Protocol of Guyabano Tea”.
      Basahin, intindihing mabuti, at mahigpit na sundin ang mga instructions tungkol sa paggawa at pag-inom ng g-tea.

      God bless!

  • Ms.Reyes, my hubby & I have been taking gtea even before reading your 30-day method. Would you kindly post the basis for your method? For example, were there proven studies of the efficacy being lost after 8 hrs? Or proof that the tea cannot be mixed with anything else like turmeric or pandan for instance? Or that it should be taken on an empty stomach? Or that if taken more tan 30 days, the liver would suffer? It would be very helpful to us readers if you could provide the links to these studies or white paper. Thank you so much and more power!

  • Pdi b s migraine guyabano

    • Hello Ram,

      Opo, puede po.

      Please go to this site and read the health benefits of graviola/guyabano:

      God bless!

  • Pdi b sa migraine guyabano

    • Hello Ram,

      Opo. Puede po sa migraine ang g-tea.

      God bless!

  • Pwedi ba sa migraine guyabano

  • good mrnign po ask ko lnh po kng makakatulong makaalis ang g-tea na makaalis ng tubig c puso at baga

    • Hello Shirley,

      Ang g-tea ay nakakagaling ng mga deperensiya sa puso at baga, ngunit di ko alam kung nakakaalis ba ito ng tubig sa puso at baga. Wala akong nababasa tungkol rito.

      Pero dahil nagbo-boost ng immune system at nag-i-improve ng general well-being ang g-tea, makakatulong ito sa may anumang karamdaman.

      God bless!

  • good mrning po ask ko lng po kng makaka tulong ba ang g-tea na maalis ang tubig sa puso at baga

  • Hello, I would like to clarify…di po ba 1 liter of water yun kailangan at 8 oz of g-tea..pag 3x a day siya sobra yun i liter of water can i make instead of 1 liter half ng 1 lier okay lang po ba yun at half nun 8 oz???hindi po ba makakaapekto sa 30day treament efficacy??? 1 cup lang kasi yun pwede inumin kasi…di pwedeng sumobra. Sabi ninyo 7-8 hrs lang ang efficacy nun g-tea pag lumampas na di na siya potent….di na rin pwedeng inumin ganun po ba???

    hope you could email me asap….tnx.

    • Hello Sandee,

      Kaya 1 liter ang tubig ay dahil mag-e-evaporate ito while simmering for 20 minutes, kaya magiging enough for 3 cups na lang siya. However, pag may sobra pa rin, puwede mo namang ipainom ito sa kung sino mang kasama mo. Mabuti sa katawan ‘yan, nagpapalakas ng resistensiya.

      Alam mo, habang tumatagal ang g-tea, unti-unting nawawala ang efficacy nito. Paglampas ng 8 hrs, kulang na ang potency niya. Ngayon, kung major illness ang ginagamot mo ng g-tea, dapat na 100% ang bisa nito or else, kung mahina na ito, sayang ang effort mo dahil hindi na siya kasing effective. Puede pa namang inumin, kung gusto mo.

      Sorry, kung minsan di ako nakaka-reply agad kasi 3 times a week lang ako nag-i-internet.

      God bless!

    • Hello Sandee,

      Kaya 1 liter ang tubig ay dahil mag-e-evaporate ito while simmering for 20 minutes, kaya magiging enough for 3 cups na lang siya. However, pag may sobra pa rin, puwede mo namang ipainom ito sa kung sino mang kasama mo. Mabuti sa katawan ‘yan, nagpapalakas ng resistensiya.

      Alam mo, habang tumatagal ang g-tea, unti-unting nawawala ang efficacy nito. Paglampas ng 8 hrs, kulang na ang potency niya. Ngayon, kung major illness ang ginagamot mo ng g-tea, dapat na 100% ang bisa nito or else, kung mahina na ito, sayang ang effort mo dahil hindi na siya kasing effective, at di mo ma-e-expect na gagaling ka nga agad.

      Sorry, kung minsan di ako nakaka-reply agad kasi 3 times a week lang ako nag-i-internet.

      God bless!

  • ..hi..good pm po… nagpa ultrasound po ako last april then sabi po sa result mayron daw po akong SUBZERO MYOMA..then these pasts months naging heavy po ung menstruation ko although nasa 3-4 days. could guyabano leaves help me?
    is it advisable for lactating mother?

    • Hello Letty,

      Oo, matutulungan ka ng g-tea sa myoma mo, pero contraindicated ito sa pregnant and lactating mothers.

      God bless!

  • hi po meron po akong mayoma pwede po bang ilaga ko lang ang dahon ng guyabano?. araw araw po ba kailang uminum ng isang baso. sa umaga po ba bago mag almusal o kailangan may laman ang tiyan bago uminum mga ilan buwan po kaya ako iinum?
    salamat po….

    • Hello Nayle,

      Magaling sa mayoma ang g-tea.

      Mag-scroll up ka at basahin ang article na ”The 30- Day Treatment Protocol of Guyabano Tea” na nasa itaas nitong page. Naroon ang lahat ng impormasyon na kailangan mo tungkol sa paggawa at pag-inom ng g-tea. Mahigpit na sundin ang mga instructions para maganda ang maging resulta nito sa’yo.

      God bless!

  • hi sir marvin

    how can i directly open the article 30-day protocol of guyabano with ms reyes?coz when i opened the another article na ung nakita i had to open the downloadecd article of 30-day prot then post comment before i get connected to the 30-day prot.

  • Hi, can I still drink g-tea if I am drinking bignay tea.

    • Hello Nimfa,

      Yes, you can. Just don’t take them at the same time. Always take the g-tea 30 mins. before meals.

      God bless!

  • Hi Mrs. Reyes,

    Me mga bukol po ako nakakapa sa leeg at dibdib ko, a year ago, nagpabiopsy na ko sa leeg at sabi ng doktor viral infections lang daw un. Binigyan nya ko ng gamot para matreat ung infections pero na allergy po ako sa gamot. I had no choice but to stop it. Mga ilang months, na lessen yung bukol kasi sabi ng doctor, ung mga ganun viral, nawawala ng kusa basta malakas immune system. Kaso po this days, dahil sa stress sa work, bumalik na naman ang bukol.. me dumagdag pa sa dibdib. I’m taking apple-carrot-potato juice. Pede ko po ba isabay ang guyabano tea? Pls Advise. Thanks

    • Hello Renz,

      Ang guyabano ay anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, at anti-viral. So, okey ito para sa’yo.

      Basahin, intindihin, at sunding mahigpit ang instructions sa The 30-Day Treatment Protocol of Guyabano Tea.

      Take the g-tea separately from your other juices. 30 minutes before meals ang g-tea, ha?

      God bless!

  • hi ms reyes! gud am…

    i have just finished my 30-day protocol yesternight. do i have to rest for day or days before the maintenance dose or just continue the once a day dose without stopping? im planning to start the mntnance tonight… am i correct in what im going to do?

    • Please rest for 10 days before the maintenance protocol. Your kidneys need it.

      God bless!

  • gud evening po mam, ask ko lng kung ilan leaves ang ktumbas ng 8 oz.. wala po kc ako pnukat dto.. atsaka ok lng po b uminom din ako g tea kc naiinom n ako ng turmeric capsule at malungay capsule…. kc po myron ako breast cyst.. dti nkainom n ako ng g tea.. khit d ko pa nbbasa ung article nyo.. pero basta lng ako nainom ng walang tmang procedure po…. sna msagot po nyo ang msg ko…. thank you and god bless

    • Hello Shin,

      Mahusang ‘yang turmeric at malunggay. At dahil foond naman ang mga ‘yan, puede mong isabay sa pagkain or inumin matapos kumain. Ang g-tea, always 30 minutes before meals.

      God bless!

      • For one glass of g-tea, use 5 big leaves or 7 smaller leaves on 10 ounces of water.

  • Hi Ms. Reyes,

    i’m suffering from hyperacidity for almost 2 years now, i exprience sore throat and back pain also, i’ve already tried prescribed med but still it’s reccurring, could guyabano leaves help me?

    • Hello Jasmine,

      guyabano tea is safe and harmless as long as you are not a pregnant and lactating mother; not having low blood pressure; not using CoQ10 and other ATP enhancers.

      It boosts the immune system and improves general well-being. Give it a try. The g-tea may be of help to you .

      God bless!

  • what if i drank 5 glasses a day for 30 days, what willl be the effect on my system?

    • Hello Hector,

      An overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, or migraine. And who knows what else?

      God bless!

  • what if i drank five glasses a day for thirty days?what would be the effect on my system?will there be overdose?thank you

  • hi po ms reyes., tanong ko lang po kung pwede po bang treatment ang 30days g-tea sa may nagbarang ugat sa puso? may maintenance na rin po akong gamot… tnx po..

    • Hello Rowena,

      Ang g-tea ay nagbo-boost ng immune system, at nag-i-improve ng general well-being. Ginagamit din ito para sa mga heart ailments, pero wala akong makitang article na nagsasabing nakakaalis ito ng mga bara sa puso.

      However, safe and harmless naman ang g-tea as long as hindi ka low blood, di ka buntis o nagpapa suso ng baby at di ka gumagamit ng CoQ10. So, puede mong i-try ang g-tea for health support.

      God bless!

  • hi po mam and gud pm, ano kaya kong hindi nlang muna ako magpa opera sa aking bukol dito sa leeg ko kasi sabi ngdoctor malamang canceruos na po daw yong bukol mam

    god bless us all

    • Hello Geralyn,

      Mahusay ang guyabano sa mga bukol-bukol at cancers. Sige, i-try mo ang 30-day treatment protocol. Follow the instructions to the letter, ha? Ano nga pala result ng biopsy mo?

      God bless!

  • Hi, Ms Reyes,
    Thanks for the info regarding g-tea. This a big help to many who’s not sure how to prepare them. I just like to ask 1 thing regarding the preparation. You mentioned about preparing 3 glasses for the day, drinking the 1st glass before breakfast. But if I’m gonna have my 3rd glass before dinner, the tea would be sitting for more than 12 hrs (6AM to 6PM). Is this ok since you mentioned the efficacy lasts only for 8 hrs?
    Another thing is, can I prepare the tea in the evening, keep it in the ref, and consume the next day? Is it still effective?
    Thanks, and God Bless!

    • Hello Charlie,

      Take the 3rd glass 30 minutes before your merienda. What is important here is for you to take the g-tea on an empty stomach since it is more effectively utilized by the body when there are no foods that would obstruct the quick absorption of the tea.

      You can refrigerate the tea during the day, in-between your drinking time. Leaving it in the ref overnight is another story because of the 8 hr. efficacy of the tea.

      If preparing the tea in the morning is difficult or bothersome, here’s what you can do: Prepare the leaves (shred) in the evening, boil enough water and keep it in the thermos. In the morning, put the hot water and the guyabano leaves in a saucepan, simmer for 20 minutes while you are in the shower or doing your other morning tasks, and drink your first glass 30 minutes before breakfast. Hope this helps!

      God bless!

      • Hi Ms Reyes,

        I truly appreciate your taking time out to answer our queries. Again allow me to ask you if it is ok to take another herb, gynura procumbens (aka: Ashitaba), along with g-tea? Many have said chewing and eating the leaves of this herb is also very beneficial. Thanks again and God Bless!

        • Hi Ms. Reyes,

          Is using leaves from a young plant the same as using leaves from a grown tree? That is because I have planted one for almost a year. But maybe because of not enough soil or other factors, the plant just won’t grow to be a tree. Are leaves taken from the plant as effective?

          • Hello Charlie,

            I imagine your small plant has small leaves. That’s okey, as long as you use its mature leaves, not too young, not too old. And since the leaves are small, use 8 pieces to a glass of water.

            I do hope you find a guyabano tree in the neighborhood, and that they give you enough number of leaves for your tea.

            God bless!

        • Hello Charlie,

          I don’t know the herb ashitaba.

          However, as long as you take it at a different time from that of the g-tea, it is okey. Like, take ashitaba after meals.

          God bless!

        • Charlie, where did you get your ashitaba herb? I’m interested in studying and trying it too.

          Thanks for the reply!

  • good day mam,

    maam kahapon nagpa check up ako sa goiter ko pero sabi ng doctor parang bukol ito hindi goiter talaga at kai;langan mag biopsey kami, sabi ng doctor posible canceruos daw itong bukol ko pero pa angresult ng biopsey ko, mam may maintenance na agmot PTU gusto ko kahit na wala pa result ng biopsey ko mag inom na ako ng guyabano leaves or guyabano juice for advance prevention ko po, puede po ba?tanong pa po, paano po puede po ba magsabay itong PTU na maintenace dito sa guyabano? mam kailangan ko po payo nyo.

    god bless us all and more power po sa inyo


    • Hello Geralyn,

      Oo, puedeng isabay ang g-tea sa medicine mo, kaya lang magkaibang oras. Before meals ang g-tea, after meals ang PTU.

      Basahin at intindihing mabuti ang paraan ng paghahanda at pag-inom ng g-tea. Mahigpit na sundin ang instructions sa article na “The 30-Day Treatment Protocol of Guyabano Tea” na nasa itaas nitong page.

      God Bless!

  • HI MAM,



      GOD BLESS!

  • ms reyes..

    when i open your ewbsite, i could no longer find your article about making the everytime i ask you some questions, i need to open the downloaded article, the one that i first read about this guyabano tea making with questions from other readers, then leave a reply. after that i get connected to the website, and thats the time that your article with your replies to the questions from different people,can be found.

    how can i open it direcrly to the website so i can read ur reply immediately?

    just like now, i opened the and i found another article about violet food something

    • Hello Tessie,

      I don’t know of any other way of doing it.

      God bless!

  • hello po ms reyes…. ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba pagsabayin ang 30days treatment ng g-tea at chemoteraphy? may lung cancer po kc ako at on going po ang chemoteraphy ko. tnx po…

    • Hello Arnel,

      Tapusin mo na lang muna ang chemotherapy mo, bago mo subukin ang g-tea. ‘Yan ay para maiwasan ang anumang contraindications ng mga gamot na ginagamit sa’yo. Wala kasing masyadong clinical/medical studies na nagsasabing puedeng pagsabayin ang chemo at g-tea.

      Actually, mas effective pa kesa chemo ang effect ng guyabano. Kaya pag isinabay mo pa sa chemo, baka masyadong heavy ang maging die off ng cancer cells at magka-side effect tuloy.

      Pagkatapos na lang ng chemo ang g-tea, ha? Matutulungan ka nitong maka-recover agad sa effects ng chemotherapy.

      God bless!

  • hi mam…im using biopatch on both feet…im drinking gtea also for 2 days now…pero mas nauna po un patches for 1month now…i feel that my breast cysts are getting smaller and softer…the patches are meant to suck out all body toxins daw…ok lang po ba na pagsabayin? sa gabi nilalagay ang patches…

    • Hello Margie,

      Oo, puede pagsabayin ang g-tea at biopatch. Tiyakin lang na mahigpit mong sinusunod ang instructions sa paggawa at pag-inom ng g-tea. Nasa itaas nitong page ang treatment protocol ng g-tea.

      God bless!

      • mam, we have a guyabano tree…and i have been air drying the leaves for 5 days now…ginupit ko na din sya ng maliliit kc i will be sending them abroad…gaano po tatagal ang bisa ng air dried leaves? pati un small stems dudurugin ko din…
        thank you so much mam…good health to you and your family! you are doing a very good job in helping us….

        • Hello Margie,

          Kung maayos ang pagpapatuyo mo ng leaves, matagal din ‘yan. Ilagay sa air tight container gaya ng tupperware para di makakolekta ng moisture mula sa hangin at magka-molds.

          Pag nagka-molds na ang leaves (white, powdery patches), expired na ‘yan. Huwag nang gamitin, itapon na.

          God bless

  • gud pm!!
    ms reyes, pano po ma identify na hindi too old yung dahon ng guyabano na gagawing tea?kasi ung ginamit kong dahon ay very dark green ang kong too old na yung dahon na gagamitin, effective pa ba yun?

    • Hello Tessie,

      Too old na ang green na dahon kung masyado na itong makunat at patungo na sa yellow.

      Mas effective ang not too old na mga dahon.

      God Bless!

  • itake gtea 2times aday lng pho ok lng pho ba yon il try pho peo ang prob. ko pho is hindi normal ang mensturation period ko pho kc minsan 1x a year lng pho ako nag kakaroon un nga pho prob. at diko pho alam kong yun ba ang reason kng but dito pho ako na bo buntis pho plz help me pho kng ano phong dapat kng itake na herbal med. pho

    • Hello Joy,

      Gawin mong tama ang pag-inom mo ng g-tea. Basahin mo uli ang article na “The 30-Day Treatment Protocol of Guyabano Tea”, at mahigpit na sundin ang instructions tungkol sa paggawa at pag-inom ng g-tea at nang tama ang magiing resulta nito sa’yo.

      God bless!

  • ms reyes, hindi kasi ako nagkakain ng rice at breakfast. milk or milk with coffee lang…ok ba lang yun?kasi i dont like drinking milk alone, i have to mix it w/ coffee

    • Hello Tessie,

      Kung nakasanayan mo na na milk/milk with coffee lang ang breakfast mo, okey na rin ‘yun basta 30 mins. before that ang g-tea.

  • just read ur reply about my question na lampas 30mins. thnx

  • hello ms reyes gud pm…

    i have not recvd ur reply in my last,last week’s postede comments.

    itatanong ko lang po if ok ba na lumampas ng 30 mins before i eat.coz im on travel sometimes so i cant take on time; another po is sometimes i forgot to take it earlier like 11:30, so i can take it at 12 ksi un ang out i have to wait pa for 30mins kahit im really hungry na at humapdi na ang tyan now, bumalik ung hyperacidity ko.ok bang i take ko to kahit humapdi na ang tyan ko?meaning gutom na gutom na ako?
    Regarding sa one-tea preparation, i used 375ml water for 5 or 7 lvs ksi when i used 11/4 cups or 10 oz water hindi aabot ng 1 cup ung matitira.ok ba lng un ksi ung matitra ay mgkasya ng 1 cup.
    at another pa po pala! sometimes po kasi,im running out of dried lvs.hindi mg kasya ung natira so, i have to mix it with fresh lvs, or sometimes rin i use all fresh lvs. ok ba lng yun?

    thnx po…un lang muna ang karagdagan kong mga tanong

    • Tessie, ‘yung kasama ko rito sa bahay na nag-ti-treatment rin ng g-tea, binabaon niya ito sa trabaho. Nilalagay niya ito sa tumbler at iniinom pag oras na. Ano kaya gano’n din ang gawin mo?

      Okey na ‘yung one cup na g-tea para sa one dose. Puwede na yang sukat mo ng tubig.

      Effective din naman ang fresh leaves. Okey lang ‘yun.

  • hi ms reyes.
    the doctor told me today that my mother has no hope of recovering from cancer because it has spread to other parts and organs of the body. she still can have hope to cure with the g-tea? it did give her more pain after about taking the g-tea for 2 weeks, pains in her legs which were not there before, is that normal. i am now in a very desperate state. hope you can give me hope. thanks

    • Hello Kjessie,

      I hope you’re reading the earlier posts on this link, so you find the positive testimonies of some of the users of the g-tea.

      About 2 weeks ago, there was this woman who had stage 4 stomach
      cancer that has already metastasized to other parts of her body. She took the g-tea, and on her next check-up, the cancer that has spread on the other parts of her body were gone, what was left was only the original cancer on her stomach.

      • She continues to take the g-tea.

        Be sure that you are strictly following the instructions on the preparation and drinking of the g-tea.

        Very important: Let us keep hoping and praying that your mom will get healed. Whatever happens, let us just trust the Lord. He knows what He is doing, and He knows what is best for everyone.

        God bless!

  • good mrning po ask ko lng po if okey lang pasabayin pag inom ng g-tea at gamot sa tb ?

    • Hello Shirley,

      Okey lang na uminom ka ng g-tea habang umiinom rin ng iyong iba pang mga gamot. However, huwag pagsabayin sa oras. Before meals ang g-tea, after meals ang ibang gamot.

      God bless!

  • naoperahan po ako ca breast ko noong 2007 tapos noong etong may 2012 nagkaroon ako ng tb hangang ngyon de pa gumagaling hindi po ako nag pa chemo sa ngayon po may tubig ang baga ko at puso ko okey lang ba uminom ako ng g-tea kasabay yng gamot c tb everyday

    • Hello Shirley,

      Okey lang na uminom ka ng g-tea basta di magkakasabay sa oras ng iba pang gamot mo.

      Before meals ang g-tea, after meals ang iba pang mga gamot.

      God bless!

  • hello Ms. reyes! tanong ko lang po kung pwede rin maging alternative treatment sa Tuberculosis ang guyabano.If yes papano po iprepare? narinig ko kase it cures any kind of deasease. Thank you.

    • Hello Lizzie,

      Nakakatulong nga sa halos lahat ng uri ng sakit ang g-tea.

      Basahin ang article sa itaas na “The 30-Day Treatment Protocol of Guyabano Tea”. Intindihinng mabuti, at mahigpit na sundin ang mga instructions sa paggawa at pag-inom ng g-tea.

      God bless!

  • hi ms reys,
    my mother has just begun drinking this g tea for about 25 days, she has late stage cancer and already spreaded to the bone, but had to stop the treatment before the 30-day treatment because she was in hospital. my question is can she start over again after she comes back home. thanks

    • Hello kjessie,

      Yes, your mom can start over again. Just see to it that you follow exactly the instructions on the treatment protocol.

      God bless!

  • hi ms reyes…
    i posted comments last week.. were you able to recieve it?

    • Hello Tessie,

      Yes, I received and read it, but now I forgot what it was about. What I do remember was that I could not get my reply posted. Sorry about that.

      Please send the email content again.

  • good morning…
    hi ms reyes! did you recieve my emial last wk?

  • gd pm..
    ms reyes questions lang po uli:
    you said na before meals i take ang tea.but in the morning,i dont eat rice i only drink milk or milk w/coffee and crackers or it just ok?; sometimes, lumampas sa 30 mins before ako makakain.ok ba lang yun? sometimes rin,i take the tea na hapdi ang tyan ko at still i waited for 30 mins before i eat.hindi ba yun makakasira?is it ok ba?kasi 12 nn ung out ko so i take the tea at 11:30. At sometimes rin mag travel so i can eat at 1 0clock pm or lampas pa

    • Hello Tessie,

      The important thing is for your stomach to be empty when you take the tea, waiting for the 30 minutes to pass while the tea works inside you. It could be more than 30 minutes before you eat. Hindi naman nakaka-ulcer yang g-tea. Masama kung you skip your meals entirely. Pero ‘yung delayed lang ng for about an hour sometimes, okey lang ‘yun.

  • hi!!! po ask ko lang po kung pwedi po ako uminum ng guyabano te kasi may pula po n makati na tubutubo sa katawan ko di po ako ng papachek up pa kasi may pinapahid po ako na gamot para sa kati makakasama po ba yun kapag uminum ako ng gtea kapag po pinapawisan ako lalo po kumakakati eh. sana po ay sagutin po ninyo ako salamat po…

    • Hello Miraquel,

      Puede kang uminom ng g-tea, sundin mo lang ng tama ang instructions sa paggawa at pag-inom ng g-tea.

      God bless!

  • Naoperahan ako sa breast, tinanggal ang isang bukol as breast ko pero Sabin ng doctor mayron pang isang bukol na maliit, low blood ako kaya stopped ko muna pag inom ko ng g.tea. Now ok na bp ko kya Plano ko tuloy pag inom ng g.tea. Tanong ko lang po Kung puede ako mag take ng pills habang I’m taking maintenance dose?

    • Hello Mrs. Pagaduan,

      Anong pills po ba iniinom ‘nyo? Birth control pills, you mean? Okey lang po. CoQ10, hindi po puede. Contraindicated po ‘yan.

  • pls,reply po asap…pwd kpo ba isabay ung vco sa guyabano tea??

    • Take vco at a different time. Huwag isasabay sa g-tea. Dahil before meals ang g-tea, puedeng after meals ang vco.

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