The Rise of Guyabano and Tawa Tawa Capsules

The world have begun to turn backward. People are now practicing the old style of living. When the tablets, vaccines, capsules and syrups are not yet invented, our ancestors were using traditional medicines for treating various diseases. The same trend can be observed nowadays.

Drug companies are joining the bandwagon by creating natural preparations. The perfect example is the Lagundi. The herb is one of the ten herbal medicines approved the Department of Health. It is popular for curing cough. Pascual Laboratories is actively promoting their own version – Ascof Lagundi. Other not so popular brands are also available. Another example is the Ampalaya Plus of Nattural Quality Corporation. Amplaya is known to control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

The tawa tawa herb and guyabano tree are gaining popularity in treating dengue fever and cancer respectively. As of date the two plants are not yet approved by authorities but their effectiveness is backed by lot of testimonies.

Having the two plants nearby when needed is a big relief but a headache for those living in highly urbanized areas. It never grow on cemented land.

It sounds like there’s a demand! It sounds like biznes. Do a little googling and see some folks doing biznes by selling tawa tawa and guyabano capsules.

tawa tawa searchFresh lagundi leaves and whole ampalaya are better than capsules. In case not available, the capsule preparation is a good alternative. Popular  brands passed the test conducted by FDA Philippines and probably safe. The same apply to tawa tawa and guyabano but they are not yet approved by the institution.

Gel capsules can be bought easily from drug stores. Anyone can make a capsule and sell it. He might do it in unsanitary manner or fill in other leaves of unknown properties. Buy at your own risk!

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  1. I have also read, when you isolate and extract some ingredient from a plant, weed, or tree, and manufacture it in the form or a pill, capsule, or vaccine– you have disturbed the balance nature for thousands of years have placed in its creation. It was further stated, this is why you have side effects in store bought medicine, and eventually the medicines cease to work as has been the case with antibiotics. Camote is so easy to grow in backyards, tawa tawa can be found almost anywhere if garden and flower growing places are not kept tidy. Even papaya leaf extract or tea, prepared by individuals in their own homes, have such curing powers. As a great-grandfather of several generations, I have listened to the elders in the Philippines and have lost my fear of not only dengue fever but other major diseases. I am thankful to my wife and others who have shared this information with me. We have natures curing wonders all around us. When you take them into commercial manufacturing factories, which exist for the purposes of profit and profiteering, they often prove to be toxic to our bodies.

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