Philippine Halal Standards, Not Yet Complete?

Department of Agriculture wants a fast completion of Philippine Halal Standards. The effort might be a result of the situation below.

The actual observations made by local and foreign participants of the International Halal Poultry Standards Training Workshop in Cagayan de Oro City on October 5 to 6, this year, following their plant visit to a local poultry processing plant had put the country in bad light.

The news is surprising! Philippine Halal Standards are not yet complete.

Halal means lawful or permissible. It is also a guarantee of products safety. If the Philippine Halal Standards are not yet complete, does it mean that Philippine Halal certified products are of inferior quality or are not really lawful/permissible?halal seal

I give trust to products with Halal seal. I prefer them over the others. Now, I will think twice before buying again.

Authorities really need to complete the standards as soon as possible, the standards that was initialized by Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). If the manufacturer fails to comply with the set standards, their certification should be revoked immediately and the halal seal should be removed from their end product.

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