Should I Take Advantage of Health Benefits as Marketing Tool?

Any product is healthy when – it is organic, naturally healthy, scientifically proven to posses chemicals beneficial to human health and fortified.

With this reasoning, it is safe to assume that all edible fruits and vegetables are naturally healthy. And even healthier if a renowned scientist discovered a certain phytochemical that help cure disease. Or, grown organically.

Meat and alcohol as long as consumed in moderation are healthy. Meat is despised in strict vegetarian diet and practitioners are having a hard time getting meat nutrient replacement.

When pork and chicken cause you health problems. Organically grown animals come to the rescue. Keeping you worry free of any problems that may arise.

Capsules and juices prepared from concoction of herbal plants are healthy. People are buying them like donuts even though a large “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” is legibly printed on label.

As more and more consumers are becoming health conscious these days, a healthy proposition is a very nice marketing tool.

It is not wrong. but be sure you have the evidence to back it up and you are selling the right thing. Adding a bit of turmeric to any juice does not necessarily make it healthier. Also, a supposed healthy product laden with preservatives and lots of artificial ingredients is as good as junk.

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