Are Dark Chocolates Really Healthier Than Fruits?

I seldom eat chocolates. When I do, I always prefer the dark. I hate eating sweet chocolates. It often give me headache. Besides, too much sugar is unhealthy.

Its a good thing that my choice is right. According to study published on Chemistry Central Journal, dark chocolates are healthier than fruits. They can be healthier than the four super fruits namely acai berry, blueberry, cranberry and pomengrate.dark chocolate dip

Dark chocolates and cocoa powder contain high amounts of antioxidant polyphenols and flavonols. These help repair damaged cells due to stress, pollution and unhealthy eating habit. Also prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Are chocolates really healthier than fruits? Is it worth  to abstain fruits for the sake of dark chocolates?

A half kilo of dark chocolate can repair more cells than a kilogram of fruits. For the sake of antioxidant activity, eating dark chocolate is better than drinking a glass of natural fruit juice. But we can see the real difference if we dig deeper.

Eating fruits is healthy. Anyone can eat as much as he want without the guilt. Fruit are rich in various essential nutrients, fibers and antioxidant.  Almost no waste products – excretory system (liver and kidney) will have less burden.

Dark chocolates are also healthy. Perhaps contain various essential nutrients. They contain more antioxidant than any other fruits but they have high calorie and fat content plus the added chemicals during processing. Going wild with eating dark chocolates will make you huge, obese.

Chocolate has theobromine, the substance side effects are similar to caffeine consumption.

Eating dark chocolate in moderation is healthy. Too much consumption is like feeling your body with antioxidants and huge quantity of stored fat. Getting obese is unhealthy.

If you want a healthy eating habit, go wild with fruits and vegetables.

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