A Unique and Healthy Mangosteen Concoction

A per suggestion of Dennis, I am going to add one measure of sugar per measure of mangosteen and ferment it for 15 days. It is going to result to a unique and healthy drink.

I got a set of mangosteen peels from my sister. The pulpy seeds should be included in the mix so I am bit puzzled. The pulpy seeds are moisture rich. It helps moisturize the added sugar and turn it to liquid eventually. The moisture within the peels is surely not enough to do the same. My choice are, add some water to  1:1 sugar to peel ratio or follow the recommended but use syrup instead.

A radical change of plan. I saw a 60 °Brix syrup in refrigerator. I used it instead of sugar crystal. I also found some ripe mangoes on table. I added some of it to replace to loss pulpy mangosteen pulp.

Here are the series of non standardized operations in pictures. I need to wait fifteen days to see the outcome.

chopped mangosteen peels india carabao mango60 degree brix syrupmangosteen peels and mango pulp in jarpeels added with syrupI still plan to make another set using the original procedure stated by Dennis.


I felt sorry that I need to terminate this sooner than expected. Curiosity forced me to open the jar. I saw some unwanted mold growth on top. It was my  mistake. I will be more careful next time. I promised! I will repeat this one.

moldy fermented mangosteenmoldy mangosteen concoction======

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4 Replies to “A Unique and Healthy Mangosteen Concoction”

  1. Good to see this one though. Use food grade molasses or honey syrup or coco syrup instead Marvin…but do not add water since we are getting the enzymes of the fruits. And adding water will alter its purity and shelf life. Thanks..

  2. Marvin, please do not be scared of what you have seen. It is not an unwanted molds. It is called white molds or fungus (mycellium) it is the beneficial molds. if it were a green or black mold, then it is the bad molds and has a foul odor.

    You just have to remove it and continue to ferment. after that 15 days strain to collect the extract. But if you really do not like it you can bury it in the ground for 15 days to 21 days and it becomes a house for thousands of good microbes. Meaning your soil now is very fertile for plants./

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