Do You Think Vegetarians Are Not Healthy?

Why are you hesitating to be a vegetarian? Do you think vegetarians are not healthy? Well, vegetarians are really healthy due to following reasons:

1. Humans are designed to eat foods from plant sources. Our teeth are very similar to herbivore animals like cow and goat. Our digestive system are also designed to digest plant products. We all know the fact that cow and goat don’t eat meat.
2. Fruit and vegetable provides all the essential nutrients for our body.
3. Including meat in diets builds bad cholesterol which cause certain chronic diseases.
4. Some animal diseases can be transmitted to humans through ingestion. Avoiding them is a good preventive measure.
5. Most plant products are natural medicine. Eating lot of them will keep diseases away from your precious self.


If you are planning to be a vegetarian, you can choose one of the following types:

1. ovo-vegetarian. Includes eggs in their diet
2. lacto-ovo vegetarian. Includes eggs and milk
3. lacto-vegetarian. Consume milk and milk products but not meat and eggs
4. Vegan. The strictest type. eats only fruits and vegetables

Whichever you choose, be sure that you take the following nutrients. A well planned vegan diet should get these nutrients.

1. Iron. Eat foods high in iron like fruits, beans, whole grains, fortified cereals and green leafy vegetables.
2. Calcium. Get these from broccoli, dried beans and dark green leafy vegetables.
3. Protein. Tofu and other soy products, dried beans, and nuts are rich sources of protein.
4. Zinc. Includes pumpkin seeds, nuts, wheat germ, and dried beans,
5. Vitamin B12. From fortified products, such as cereals, breads, soy and rice drinks.

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