Are Alternative Cancer Cures Voodoo Medicines? The Herbal and Bio Resonance Therapies

Based on what I have seen on tv, the term voodoo is associated with dark magic, witch craft, zombies and satanism. In my own conception, anything paired with word “voodoo” is related to darkness and anyone should be afraid of it. So a voodoo medicine is … ?

A warning against voodoo cancer cures was published on website, inquirer newspaper,  and Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO) web.

Herbal supplements, according to PSMO, have no proven curative effects. While FDA Philippines stated , they have not approved any herbal medicine or health supplement as cure for such.

There is no viable alternative to mainstream cancer treatment. Herbal medicines might actually interfere with chemotherapy or medicines (maybe they have reliable literature for this). Treatments that maybe used in conjunction with standard cancer treatment are massage therapies, diet management, meditation, acupuncture, yoga and music therapy.

Herbal medicines and food supplements for cancer patients are attractive due to claimed quick results and low prices.

They also warned the masses against bio resonance therapies such as, oxygen treatment, colonic cleansing, megadosing of Vitamin C, antineoplastons and immuno-augmentation.

From what I have heard and read, there are three main reasons why cancer patients are resorting to alternative medicines, the alternative voodoo medicines.

First is the budget constraint. Cancer diseases are not only hurting someone’s health but also the health of his pocket. Imagine the cost of doctors fee, hospital bills, medicines and transportation. Worrying about owns disease and where to get huge amount of money to cover the bills, as high as skyscrapers, adds another illness, the depression that infects family members, relative and friends.

Wealth is not a guarantee  Every medicine practitioners know this. The standard cancer treatment can cure cancer but could not assure it will never come back. You will be surprised to know that you need to undergo the painful and costly process again.

The doctor cut the rope. You only have one year to live! There is always hope and alternative medicine offers a lot. The testimonials by many cancer survivors may not be acceptable to science but it do well in convincing the ill.

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